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Friday, April 07, 2017

Visaranai tamil film review

Tamil film visaranai or interrogation got an award from a Venice film festival for the best human right violation film .
its based on a true story written by one of the four victims of police torture and framing
 the book is titled lock up ,
the rest three were killed ,
the lone survivor and author now is an auto driver is also a human right activists who fights for under trials
we have always heard that the police in India have their own rules to close cases and pressure from politics and the rich and influential does make them frame innocents at many times

 the incidence of such framing accounts to almost 30 % according to a study
,the world inside those lock ups and what happens under cover of legitimate police interrogations is is a mystery not easily uncovered but whispers do tell us a lot
this movie is a frightening account of what could happen  with unlimited police power
A trifle disturbing to view a world which we know nothing of !!

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