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Sunday, January 14, 2007

bose krishnamachari

Fort Cochin Parade ground by evening is filled with people enjoying their football
,I walked by its fringes along princess street and its Italio Dutch homestays ,reaching kashi coffe house .
I asked for the kashi gallery as I wanted to see the exposition of contemptory creativity by Bose Krishnamachari
His “Lava (laboratory of visual arts ) .” was a collection of excellent books many of them coffee table and rare ones along with five flat Sony TV screens and countless DVDs to feed uponVISUAL READING?
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Is it a library? Is it a movie theatre? Is it a laboratory? When Bose Krishnamachari presented LaVa (Laboratory of Visual Arts), what he calls a 'contemporary-temporary library for the visual reader' drew curious crowds. An archival project, his collection of visual art practices drawn from museums, institutions, galleries, shops and streets in major art capitals is a site-specific installation founded on his avid interest in architecture, design, furniture and art. Bose's desire to share the knowledge available from across the globe shaped the library of books, DVDs and CDs covering subjects like cinema, architecture, design, fashion, cultural studies and philosophy.
"What I was missing during my student life, I am trying to share that now within my limitations. A room within an institution, an art project within a museum, a library - that has been my never-ending passion," discloses the artist

He had laid this feast for anybody who would walk in so as to give what he missed in his youth to all .
I was directed to the gallery a good four km away in Mattancherry and I decided to walk the distance instead of driving .
Passing the Chinese nets bending low into the sea for their catch and the foreign tourists relishing their instantly cooked sea delights I reached the fort cochin boat jetty just in time for a whale like jinghar emptying its motor contents into the crowded street .
I walked along the old port ,the old courtyard ,and the segull that dotted the road ,moved on to the jumbled heap of houses along the sluggish canal opening into the blue sea at Calvetthy bridge
Every house was filled with life and people were busy with their activities ,some were squatting on the compound walls of the old buildings puffing their bidis which glowed in the waning light of dusk , quickenkng my steps I passed the State bank of India and entered into Mattancherry .
Buisness was generally down these days but one could imagine the confusion and clamour of the place in the past ,huge lorries laden with goods passed me in the narrow street lined by wholesale rice merchants ,
pure basmati rice said one sign and a pajama clad Gujrathi strode out to call for his assistant in chaste Malayalam ,Tea shops with pregnant bananas and rice cakes in their glass showcases beckoned in gastronomic temptation .
One particular building had a film shooting gong on and one could see so many vans with cinematic sidekicks loitering around .
My legs were aching with kashi gallery nowhere in sight ,I met an aqquaintance who was wondering what I was doing in those parts ,he informed me I had another half a kilometer to cover ,the rice shops gave way to potato onion and later paper shops with small galleries sprinkled in between .
Finally I walked into the cool courtyard of kashi art gallery and was transported into my favourite world of books and films .
I left writitng the comment in the book provided
Dear bose congrats for creating infinite space constrained only by the rigours of time HARIMOHAN

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