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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mavericks in Indian politics

Indian politicians are mostly mavericks so the selected below are mavericks of high grade

Mamata Banerjee the fiery Bangla lawyer chief minister who single handedly axed the CPM out of the writers building in Kolkata ( the secretariat of west Bengal )which they had occupied for aeons .
Mamata fits in well with the label of a maverick
she is impulsive dramatic and an angry middle aged women fitting well  to the revelutionary fervour of the Bengali psyche .
The ultimatum she has given to the congress at the centre now could shake the polity a bit and could pave  way for future confabulations .
with all her imperviousness she is also a machiavellian politician whose larger ambiton would be to occupy the Primeministerial Gaddi in the near future .she knows the seat is up for  the gamble in the near future and she wants to be a possible contender .

Uma Bharati the inflamable sanyasin of the BJP would fit the maverik label well
be it her antics in Ayodhya ,or her challenging L.K. Advani himself  in her party or  by her robust speeches

 how can one forget Mayawati when we talk of maveriks
The great benefactor of the downtrodden and the lower castes had spend crores of rupees for erecting her own statues when her state reeled in poverty ,cooling her heels outside power for now the maverik would return anytime with a bang knowing our country

Jayalalitha the hooded empress of Tamilnadu continues to dance her way into the hearts of Tamils just like she did in  films years back 
She  never ceases to be the prime destroyer of her bete noir the dark goggled octogenarian polygamist Karunananidhi ,she is a maverick at times but also a mature stateswomen at other  times
most of the above examples   are females

this does not mean we have no male competiton 
the ancient Raj Narain  wh o was famous for defeating Indira Gandhi himself is a prime choice
from wearing sarees to drinking urine he has done it all
then of course we have our home bred Bihari Lalu himself who pu lts a front as a  country bum with a cleaver brain ticking  behind all along .
one can include Suresh Kalmadi who played the right and wrong  game in sports administration and made a packet for himself and his patrons in this group

cud have missed many more
as I  said difficult when the place is filled with mavericks

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr .K.K.Haridas ...condolences

Dr Haridas the eminient cardiologist of Amritha Institute of medical sciences Kochi,Kerala is  no more .
I learnt this recently and was very sad .
Iam neither a professional colleague nor a close friend of Dr Haridas but as he would have for so many people he had made a touch in my life not to be forgotten .
Years back when myself and my wife were still a young couple bewildred at the storm that life gave us after a fairy tale romance and marriage  had gone to CMC hospital vellore taking our young mentally challenged daughter  Shilpa .
We had gone there to find a surgical remedy for her Ventricular Septal defect better known in common parlalnce as a hole in the heart .
this was one amongst her many problems .
VSD some times closes spontaneously but if big  can produce ireversible changes leading to cardiac failure .
We did not want this to happen to our dear daughter .
Christian medical college is a well known tertiary referral centre in South India but the cardiolgist we saw there lacked the very organ which he was specialised in !
he discouraged us and asked us whether  it  was cost effective to do such a surgery for a mentally challenged child and  also confirmed  that as a policy CMCH  would not  waste thier time on such cases !
This angered us  and hurt us a lot ,
she was our child and it was our decison and who was he to  stop it .

so we went to Madras ( todays Chennai ) and met the very famous cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Cherian .
who was in vijaya hospital at the time .
cherian a man of few words sized the situation and also our hurt very quickly he also knew we would need some concessions for the surgery .
Dr Haridas was the cardiologist then in the same team and Dr Cherian entrusted us to him .
we still remember how Dr Haridas took us and showed us around and gave us words of encouragemnt  The surgery too went off well .
After a few years Shilpa too left us .

years later Dr Haridas came to Kochi joining Amritha hospital and we met him once .
We told him about Shilpas loss  and about the school we started in her memory ,he not only remebered Shilpa well but came to our school and donated a very useful physiotherpay equipment .

Dr Haridas was a brilliant student  erudite scholar and emininet cardiologist and also  son of the legendary Dr Krishnadas of Trivandrim Medical college .

it is unfortunate to hear Dr Haridas is no more .
May his soul rest in peace .

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Prime politics

Most Indian politician don’t do their jobs but they are multi talented

We need to be receptive to their capabilities and use these to the benefit of our nation instead of constantly grumbling of their uselessness

Some small examples below of how this can be done …..

Bashing and punching inside the parliament and Assemblies of members is very common these days

We can have live TV coverage and legal betting on these heated sparrings this can turn into a goldmine if well marketed and will fetch lots of advertisements .

For example …..

Watch today 11 am…… Shri Bilawant sher singh of Lokhandwala constituency of UP biting into shri Ram Makhanpuri of Bhandepur constituency of Bihar ,( warning some of the scenes could be gory )

Dracula times ……. blood letting shot live in 3 assemblies experienced partymen draw blood from each other jumping over galleries

( warning these are professionals ….untrained people should not try this at home )

Watch tonight Bruce lee Banwarial l yadav throwing Salem shanmugham into the well of the house in one throw

Sunday 6pm recording replays of choice explectives series ….. this would be the weeks collection of rare auditory outpouring s of our elected representatives recorded by Oscar award winning Rasool Pookutty himself ( warning tender souls to wear earpieces to avoid tympanic damages )

Late night show Hijra MP from Madhya Pradesh does special Mujra dance on opposition tables

( watch only after children sleep) psst includes lap dance too !!!

Robotic dances from west Bengal could be shown at 9pm daily in National TV

Our new president himself would do it in the Mughal gardens of Rastrapathi Bhavan live to the tunes of Rabindra sangeeth

“ The Macroeconomics of being the right puppet in an emerging economy “by our PM

Would be the Republic day special for all networks

How to make puppets dance without even strings could be a popular educational series run by a well known Italian celebrity

How to squash flies and other enemies just like that talk show demonstration by MM Mani of Kerala

Emerging Kerala with submerging funds ,the looting chronciles lecture series in Keralas regional network on Friday prime time

Munnar matters ….. sarcastic comedy series by an octogenarian politician with shrugging shoulders syndrome

How to make good friends with jailed suspects ,talk series specially recorded from Kannur

Hartal holidays travel special by RED tours ltd

Snakes and lotuses ( thamara and pambus ) sponsored series by Beverages corpn

Alagiri films sole production released all over India and the world at same the time would show how disappearing sons could reappear with crores of rupees

Karunanaidhi from Chennai tinted glasses and three wives fame could be interviewed on

Veeranam to Cooum it is all money money ………. in veteran files

Amma and Sasikala breakfast show on capes and corruption in Tamil an exclusive from two leaves production s

Hamera banega crorepathi by MA Raja with anchor Kanimozhi made for u in Tihar jail

From Karnataka to Argentina part one travelogue would be immediately followed by Karnataka to Sweden and neighbouring countries……… this particular seires would run for approximately two years to cover the whole tours

Special focus would be educational inputs on how to conduct study tours when droughts plague home countries

How to keep smiling while states reel in debt would be the fashion show specials by these worthies

How to make Biriyani for terrorists would be the biggest cooking show of the year

Mahesh Bhatt and Shabana Azmi would stress on how good Biriyanis can change terrorist psyches

ArundhatiRroy could give expert comments

Believe it or not series on Anna Hazare on how to fast without any benefit for anyone

This one would l compete for rankings from Yogi Ramdev demonstrations how to get out black stools er sorry black moneys by inappropriate abdominal contortions

sports channels can have field days

One suresh kalmadi could make money for all of them

How commonwealth can be converted to personal wealth ……tricks form the great wizard of sports suresh kalmadi special

Juggling show by sugar cane biting Sharad pawar where he would juggle in prime time with BCCI and agriculture with his feet upside down

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