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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Repugnating Reservations

"The boiling issue of Mandal two has seized the nation today .
Once again the deft manoeuvere of another cunning politician has driven deep fissures into our polity ,
it has removed the scab of a festering ulcer created by another Singh some years back .
The people who benifit from reservations will understandably support it with all its paradoxes .
Logic has no place in such situations ,
cruelly the wheels of history has turned full circle ,
we now have to ask who are the exploiters and who are the victims ?
If the idea of reservations is as a punishment for the forwards for thier discrimination against the backwards in the past then how is it different from the babrimasjid demolishment ,
how is it different from the aninhilation of Jews by hitler for ? biblical evil

Our country is a pseudo secular country where religious beliefs are conviniences for politicians to garner votes ,
so are castes ,
the more the merrier ,
the fragmented the better ,
what better way to split the people than to issue quotos ?
ghettoise the people into cul de sacs so that they never think as one ,
split them at all levels so that the vote baiter can continue to breath !
Hitler and his Gestapo couldnt have done better ,
our politicians could teach them a few elementary lessons .
All that one among them driven by power had to do was to sow the seeds of separation and the fire rages .
How many of these leaders are sincerely interested in the uplift of the backwards ?,
The untouchables of UP,
the bonded labourers of Bihar ,
the child workers of Sivakasi,
the starving farmers of Orissa ,
the female infants with squelched necks of tamilnadu ?
do our leaders ever think of them but in thier speeches in front of the media
how many instances are there of Bhudiyas being sold for Rs 800 by thier mothers ?
how many tiny children are tied to camels for the pleausre of Arabs ?
and how many nymphets are married of to those lechers ?
Dont we all read of caste wars raging in Bihar and UP ?
upper castes kill backwards and the backwards kill scheduled castes !
how has reservation changed the lives of these hapless souls ?
All it had done is It had created a creamy layer among them who continue to reap the benifits selfishly for generations on and on
Where are the yadavs ,paswans and Mayawatis ?
why are they not speaking out for the voiceless ?
are they not ashamed to say that they came up in the name of these poor sods,
where would they be if not for thier votes ?
Why is not one among all our honourable voluble politicians some of them educated in premier institutes like the JNU ,Harvard ,etc
some among them actors ,thinkers ,painters ,writers ,
some rustic leaders of the masses uttering a word about the uselessness of the reservations which has continued so far in this country ?
Why dont they accept that it had been a failure and only helped the poltician to feed on ?
Why does not one among them honestly spell out that India really needs compulsory education at primary level for all castes religions and gender with facilties for the economically poor .
It would all cost lesser than the amount we have spent on these unworthies over the years
A level playing field is a right of every citizen and it is the duty of the people who govern us to see that it is given .
Why do we not have a single honest politiican who spells out that a truly secular country has no religion ,no caste and no capitiation ?
A secular nation supports its weak and encourages all to exel,and it never fools with merit which after all is its investment for its future

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