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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear deer

Deer meat can be slotted as exotic meat i think
Yesterday went with some friends to this legendary heritage chinese restaurant in Brunei .
It was tender and nice but to my selectively Indian taste buds would have been better as a spicy kerala style fry
Somehow the original authentic chinese food doesnt appeal to me with its bland sourness mild hint of sickly sweetness and no spice this side of timbuctoo
I prefer our indo chinese any day with its scollops of tomatoes onions and chilly powder or pepper
I need india in some form to make things perfect .
Once i had moose meat (theres a clan named moose in kerala not mentioning them !! )
This is like mux oxen a cross between bison and deer
I had this in Norway which incidentally has moose overbridges on highways so that they cross from one forest to other without becoming meat .
My wifes cousins husband an young Norwegian doctor cooked an authentic kerala style moose curry for us whic was awesome with soft succulent bread to beat the freezing cold then .

Once wandering in downtown Sydney I saw a burger shop with pictures of kangaroo burgers
Had one promptly .it didnt hop on me but behaved  as good as any self respecting chicken burger would .
Ages back in the thatched hut of a kumily eatout amongst the increasing fogs i tucked into exotic jungle birds with some fiery liqour along with my college mates
The memory is as hazy as the weather that day in those wuthering hieghts for the liquid concotion surely hit me more than the fowl birds did !
In a dinner in cochin once in a friends house i  was asked to name a succulent meat
it was the poor rabbit of course
I love animals becos they are so tasty

But i really dont like those slimy creepy creatures which the far east like to indulge in like those insects worms frogs snakes etc nauseating indeed .
So Iam wary of street food in China which iam yet to visit Thailand Korea and the like .
As far as Japan is concerned Sushi is squishy to me and sashemee is not for me .
After knowing fire why should we hark back to the days of uncooked food our poor naked caved ancestors ate with gusto because they hadnt a choice .
Give me meat cooked slowly over time on a wooden fire its juices shining in the red oil which mightnt be good for my middles but excellent for my happiness .
Look at the variety indian cuisine has
Its just mindblowing
Every state every region every village every house has its story to tell it has its secret recipe of taste unheard of
Its just like indian music with infinite possibilities
The state of someone spoilt with this depth getting exposed to simpler alternatives is depressing
Of course i do prefer western burgers steaks and well made sausages
Nothing to beat European pastries and ice creams but the rest hand it over to India
Even the Gods know it

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