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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear deer

 Deer meat can be slotted as exotic meat i think
Yesterday went with some friends to this legendary heritage chinese restaurant in Brunei .
It was tender and nice but to my selectively Indian taste buds would have been better as a spicy kerala style fry
Somehow the original authentic chinese food doesnt appeal to me with its bland sourness mild hint of sickly sweetness and no spice this side of timbuctoo
I prefer our indo chinese any day with its scollops of tomatoes onions and chilly powder or peppper
I need india in some form to make things perfect .
Once i had moose meat (theres a clan named moose in kerala not mentioning them !! )
This is like mux oxen a cross between bison and deer
I had this in Norway which incidentally has moose overbridges on highways so that they cross from one forest to other without becoming meat .
My wifes cousins husband an young Norwegian doctor cooked an suthentic kerala style moose curry for us whic was awesome with soft succulent bread to beat the freezing cold then .
Once wandering in downtown Sydney I saw a burger shop with pictures of kangaroo burgers
Had one promptly .it didnt hop one me but was as good as any self respecting chicken burger was .
Ages back in the thatched hut of a kumily eatout amongst the increading fogs i tucked into exotic jungle birds with some fiery liqour along with my college mates
In a dinner in cochin once in a friends house was asked to name a succulent meat it was the poor rabbit of course
I love animals becos they are so tasty
But i really dont like those slimy creepy creatures which the far east like to indulge in like those insects worms frogs snakes etc nauseating indeed .

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