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Friday, April 07, 2017

Doctors and lawyers

3.42 crores ie 34000000 for you
No itsnt any annual budget of a panchayat or district its legal fees of a top ranking octogenarian lawyer who charges
2200000 INR for an appearance like Shah Rukh Khan or Aiswarya Rai may do ,but lawyers have better fun they hardly need to sweat it out or dance away like those stars !
They appear in courts  where most of the time the cases are adjourned and judges go off for summer holidays till the next time .
I still have a pending case of a road accident when driving a scooter two decades back was unfairly hit by another bike man by now my compensation should run in crores sic i really do not know if my lawyer who promised me stars is still alive
Of course iam not grudging lawyers at all
 this example of huge fee is for a top notched lawyer and the fee is being paid by the chief minister of Delhi the man with an unbridled tongue an addled brain and most conniving by nature  in this side of the Ganges who is  involved in a case where he had shot of his scarf covered badmouth as usual .
Of course the Kejariwalas of this nation will pass on the fee to the foolish voter of Delhi who made him what he is and all are happy except the state which would lose this amount which could have been used for a crowded filthy overfilled Government hospital in Delhi where sleepless doctors work their asses off for an ungrateful society and are beaten up for their pains and grudged for the paltry salary they get and expected to serve the society with noble intentions and gratitude to the Government for having been given the honour of studying under the auspieces of its treasury at a pittance in a Government medical college but the  same  cannot be applied to  a lawyer who studied in a Govt law college as hes accepted by the great Indian public as not being in a noble profession and can afford to make his crores or take his summer holidays or drag cases for decades .

Lawyers can strike to fight for demands the judges feel but doctors no way

Doctors should  nobly bear getting hit for their troubles
They need to go to villages to serve where they may be carried off by a tiger while on their morning excretions in friendly neighbourhood forest or their children can study in local patashaala
 being noble they better do so
Doctors dare not strike
Imagine then who will treat the brain lumbagos of people who pass such judgements
The quacks

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