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Friday, December 25, 2015

The Anatomy lab

Anatomy lab in kilpauk medical college where i did my MBBS ( photo courtesy )
We used to be around 5 to 10 one table with a body
Once our venerable and legendary professor of Anatomy Dr Elizabeth Vishwanath who was once @ to her a college beauty in Christian Medical College Vellore where she studied and students used to jump hostel walls to get a glimpse of her 

her classmate Viswanath did more than mere wall jumping and became her life partner !

EV as we used to call her was a tall stately lady , at that time in her late fifties ,with an excellent sense of humour '

 of course to us second years her presence did create a flutter .
So it did to most of the teaching staff doctors too expect Dr Ramchandran who looked like a tough hero with his big mustache .
To him EV or anyone else were never fear factors ,

 he did his job and no one meddled with him .
He was very  friendly with the boys who loved to fete him with drinks and biriyani in the hostel on function days .
Ramchandran sir would sit like a king with his bloodshot eyes and crack jokes on all , he was great fun .
EV had a healthy respect for him and gave him a wide berth .
Coming back to EV Madam ,once she walked into the fully crowded anatomy hall as seen in the picture and she as her habit was quietly slithered to our table
One of my classmates I would call him S  was intent on his dissection and never knew EV was behind him .
She placed her big hand on the posterior of S who reflexively did a virtual Bharatanatyam step as he jumped in surprise ,he saw EV and now did a kathakali leap !
Then EV gave her magnum opus comments

"Dont worry man i just wanted to demonstrate the action of the Gluteus Maximus ( which incidentally is the buttock muscle !!)
But you gave demo of so many muscles tq "
Grinning EV walked off as we all laughed .
Even Ramchandran sir gave a villanous smile from his corner .

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