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Friday, April 07, 2017

The MP in the baloon

The one way ticket

The man beats only with slippers
Rarely does he use his flippers
He loves travel and to fly
The next best thing he does is to lie

He never imagined Air India would dare
To bar him from flying like a mare
He is after all a member of parliament
 Arent MPS angers meant to be vent

He now has to go in trains
Even first class is full of pains
He needs to fly with no care
Since he never pays any fare

So gaikwad bought a baloon
He is neither a fool nor a bufoon
All he needs is some hot air
A politician without that is rare

So our man got into a ballon and crouched
His soft paunch got stuck and he ouched
There was no soft hands to pat him now
No hostesses to look at him and wow

He then passed some hot gas as usual
But that made the baloon swell
And up above the skies he flew
He needed no air india or crew

The baloon went up and up with no stop
Gaikwad wondered if he was in a trap
He got worried and he had no one to beat
His face became red like a roasted meat

He pulled some strings
Baloon shot up like with wings
And after long time he reached the moon
And there the MP lived ever after like a loon


dpirsm said...

nicely wrought

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