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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shoib the Great and Sania his mate..A Ballad of love

Folks this is the story of Shoiab and Sania
A small tale of the recent Hyderabad love mania
Shoib the dashing cricket hero from pakistan
And Sania the tennis /fashion damsel of Hindoostan
all you needed here for a film was Khan Sharukh Khan !

suddenly there came an Aysha who created a drama
by producing an untimely and faded Nikkanamma
All over the TVs were the trio Sania Shoib and Aysha
of course they were joined by poor Ayshas Ma and Pa

and then it happend Sania was out" love all "
as Shoib hit a sixer so tall
the ball went up in the air and came as a clean catch
and soured this strange unjust unfair match .
One may be smart sexy and suave
crowds may cheer you often in droves
but when one cheats and thinks it as a feat
someone above might just beat you into retreat

World now knows Shoib had been the liar all along
and Aysha was the victim and sold for a song
Today with a sorry and a divorce Shoib the great may walk
with Sania his proud mate leaving Aysha in the wrong

All may be fair as they say in love and war
Aysha may have been treated unfair
and Shoib may still have got his star damsel fair
but remember he is tattoed forever as the GREAT CRICKETING LIAR
and this would follow him to that day when he has no fire !

(fotos taken from online tks to the sites )

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