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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tihar Tweet

Tihar Jail today is teeming with celebrities

who made loads of money in thier large kitties

they stole from the country left and right

and today the bare walls of Tihar is in thier sight !

Remember the commonwealth conman Kalmadi

these days his debonair beard looks a bit tardy

Suresh bought toilet papers at unbelievable prices

Toilet paper was just one amongst his vices

Andhimuthu Raja the Dalit minister who made trillions
by selling his 2 G spectrums for many many zillions

today this hero of the poor and the man of the masses

is sadly forgotten even by his bosses

The doe eyed Kanimozhi and smart MP of the south
These days hardly dares to open her mouth
For she dreads the jail food of bread and tea

All she wants is to tell her Raja I told you u see

All the rapists murderers bandits and rogues

who form majority of the Tihars Logs

are delighted at thier home becoming breaking news

To them much better than a hill station with its views

Many more of the class need to go in

All the remaining leaders filled with sin

The Lok pal bill is a sharp damocles sword

hanging over thier heads like a heavy load

Black money and bank accounts in Switzerland

could one day just become as worthless as sand

cheating ones country is the worst crime

One hopes the Indian politician realises it in time

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