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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kuranginde kayille poomala

Legend tells us Kerala is a land made from the sea by Parasurama ,

Gods own country has lived up to its name in its natural beauty ,its flowing rivers ,rising hills ,green canopy ,and soothing winds .

but no more

today it has in many parts dry cracked land ,muddy rivers ,dry wells ,temperatures touching

40 C in march ! and sun burnt posteriors of its subjects

Kerala is turning dry ( of course not dry of liqour it consumes the most in India ) it is dry of water ,electricity and most of all of vision !!

the musical chair played by the two parties which have been ruling the state forever and its principal players have contributed thier mite to this state of affairs .

utter poverty of planning and vision for the future ,shortsighted myopic self centred policies ,militant labour and investment unfriendly attitudes ,arrogance and cynicism and most of all blatant corruption are the hallmarks of the powers ruling this poor state .

The income from across the shores and from tourists could dwindle in future and the state would collapse by the weight of its inadequacies and lack of infrastructure .

kuranginde kayille kodutha poomala polle

like a Garland given to a monkey Kerala is almost in tatters today .

Its rivers flow mud ,its fields are cracked its hills look bald ,and its peoples skins burst into sunburns !

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