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Friday, December 25, 2009

The unreliable fellow

December nights in Madras todays Chennai were always cool and pleasant ,
Christmas was looming ahead and in a couple of days it would be there .
This time Jerrys house was always full of fun and frolic .
Jerry for your information was my guitar master

my learning guitar or later classical carnatic music was always a bit half hearted i never had the focus and so were the results ! not that he taught me a lot or I learnt much but he was a colourful personality indeed .
Thus Having graduated
( wrong term ,sorry ,couldnt stand the rigors of being taught the classical way and having no talents would be more true )
from the well known Dhanraj master who taught the likes of Rehman and ilayaraja yours faithfully moved to Jerry ,
unlike the ustad Dhanraj sir Jerry was cool and would fall to any whims of his students as long as he was paid correctly ,
for him music was just commerce and nothing more and nothing less ,thus it was one day he sold my guitar to a politician and I regained it after a valiant fight described in a previous post .
Jerry was an Angloindian ,
this was a community well known in madras of the seventies ,
they were funloving and hard working ( some werent ) ,dressed in english attire and sporting an anglicised accented tamil ,
they were a familiar presence in the collage of the city ,
they were particularly concentrated in certain areas like Perambur ,Vepery ,and some places in south madras .
Many of them worked in the railways ,
some worked as secretaries ,some were western music teachers many would migrate to the U.K and to Australia later .
Jerry was a family man with a cute wife and two lovely kids ,
he was part of an extended family of his parents brothers and also some from his wifes family which included an younger brother 'blazer ' his brother in law was a particulary colourful and remarkable chap and one who had a permanent sneer reserved for his brother in law Jerry .
Christmas time Jerry would organise his famous carol singing and all of us students would troop to his home for a light dinner ,
Jerry by then fortified with his bachanian beverages would be in a sporting spirit to take on the night .
But this day he was a bit uneasy
"dont know what man ?
not feeling well today stomach a bit queesy went to the loo but disappointing results ,have to go for carols too what to do ? "
"maybe if your highness didnt have enough of the poison in your belly it would have been quiter " this from Blazer who never lost an oppurtunity to get adig at Reggie .
"you shut up moron I saw the number of pegs you downed you parasite, emptied part of my rations for the season "Jerry would retaliate .
"Will you both shut up and get going ,we are late as it is "this from Sam a gargantuan anglo working in the railways as a gaurd or something .
Sam sported a virile moustache which had a twirl at its end and in moonlit nights one could be mesmerised by its twirling in the breeze ,
I was particluary enamoured of this natures wonder and its keeper
Sam was also known for his baritone voice and the silent nights would get filled as his tenor rose into the mists of the city .
The motley crowd also had Dileep who like me was a student much older of course studying in a college the difference between me and him was he was not only an excellent guitarist but also a very good singer ,
his forte was hindi music and he belted out kishore kumar songs like hum he banarasi babu as his part of his regular repertoire .
A couple of hangers on like me who had a guitar around thier neck just for the appearance but did nothing with them , except strumming them when caught up with the atmosphere ,only to get cold stares from Jerry who would prompt us by hissed whispers to stop the noise !

so we all would fit ourselve into a contraption called the tempo ,
this was not the one you saw on the roads now, it was more like an autorickshaw and had only three wheels with a snout in the front ,
the driver sitting in the snout while it had a covered canopy of a van like structure behind with 2 long benches not a limousine by any call
one could liken it a cattle class but this description is true cattle class unlike the one our Sasi Tharoor became famous for in his Twitter message .
The junk would rumble and richcochete its way through the empty streets and stop in front of predetermined houses either of students or friends of Jerry and co .
we had a lantern and a Santa too who would start dancing as the songs came tumbling down

the Santa would curse Jerry once in a while of his fate of having to wear a frightful beard sticky and itchy for hours while he lighted a cigarete adroitly avoiding combustion of the hirsute extension .
The songs were nice some of them were soulful like the silent night ,
Jingle Bells would be raucous sung by every one of us as we jumped about and then Dileep would give his famous ' hum he banarasi babu 'and we would all have some wine ,cake and at times if lucky succulent samosas
some money also would get transferred to Jerry and his face would fill with joy this was after all his primary purpose for the whole jaunt .

we would end the whole thing by early dawn and I would tramp home tired but would not miss it for anything the next day

Jerry was really unwell by the time we reached his house that day ,
the tempo had stopped on the way for more than an hour with a problem and Jerry was puffing away his cigarettes ,
all the smoking ,the rich food and the liqour taken found thier toll .

He was a wreck by the time we reached his home he was clutching his abdomen and weeping nauseated and miserable
his wife asked blazer to go call a doctor
Jerry was mumbling dont tell him anything he is an unreliable fellow
and blazer was giving his famous sneer " yes my lord and which reliable person would do this for you ,nice to see you like this you deserve it " and Jerry would give a murderous stare as much possible with the misery he went through .

The night is still fresh in my memories and this christmas I just wrote this post thinking of that unreliable fellow wherever he is today !

Merry Xmas

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smart cities and non smart Chiefministers

" Dubai is broke ,they dont have the money for it "
this statement is made not ina dinner conversation but in a press conference by a responsible head of the government of a state in India and remember a state which to a large extent relies on the money order economy from Malayalees who work in the Gulf ,a state that continues to appear prosperous in spite of its blundering idiots who call themselves its leaders .

As an oppostion leader the CM opposed the smart city project tooth and nail calling it a land scam ,after coming to power the government dilly dallied over years meeting with the smart city representatives and now finally the death knell of the project has been laid by the great champion of the people .
The government signed an agreement with Smart City Dubai to develop the Rs 1,500-crore project and operate it. Achuthanandan laid the foundation stone Nov 16, 2007, but the company has not started construction as the government is yet to complete the registration of the land allotted for the project and settle a contentious stamp duty issue. Another hurdle in the implementation of the project is the issue of awarding 12 percent free-hold land to the Dubai-based firm.
One is not fully aware of the real facts ,there may be some truth also in the comments but the point is such abrasive statments of another country are not made by responsible people specially from those states beniffitng from the said country

I was recently watching an interview of an excommunist now working in the gulf who declared his eyes opened after coming here ,he said in the gulf one works hard and is rewarded for the same with no fooling around ,there are no hartals or attimaris here ,you lead a legal life and you are respected and rewarded ,how else can people from more than 200 countries work in harmony .
the Government and the rulers here are visionary and have a no nonsense approach to admisnistration ,

how else can they create this flower from the hardy conditions ,one may explain that it had its resources in oil but with a leadership like ours all the oil in the world would have made no diference .
look at Kerala it is one of the most beutiful places ,it has people with so much tolerance religious amity and adapatability ,are Malayalees not faring well all over the world but in the state
in Kerala no industries or investments worth the name exists
Government run ones are in a shamble
Agriculture has died with labour militancy
Terorrism is growing steadily thanks to political support with communal overtone
Casteism is rampant with politicians pitching on it to build thier vote banks
Every election the Malaylee votes with fervour the same old thugs and thieves
The media is full of thier doings and the avid literate malayalee is starved for more news from the newspapers which he scans with a magnifying glass while downing his legendary chaya
Kerala has the highest liqour sale in the country ,highest suicide rates ,gold is sought for and hoarded with jewellery shops laughing all the way to the banks ,scams ,blade companies and goondaism is rampant
Dowries are the bane of the poor
Education is a mess with politics again corrupting the students compared to other states which are producing ace academics .
Tourism and service indutry is existing in spite of a poor infrastructure only because the country is really Gods own .
and the men who head all this and are responsible for all this have the gall to make such stupid statements .
It is time we remove our clutter of fossils who exist in an era bygone and have people who are really smart and dedicated to lead .

(my apologies for taking photographs from the net and my thanks to the sites )

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Molest Of Mumbai 26/11

Exactly one year back on this day ten terrorists sent by our neighbour ripped into our country of more than 120 million ,into our premier city attacking its landmarks and causing mayhem ,leaving more than 175 dead and making us lose many valiant security personell and brave officers .
As the lone Kasab waits his judgement in the Arthur jail Mumbai going through the convoluted process of justice in a democratic country when all he requires is a bullet in the head ,
his compatriots who riddled innocents with bullets lie stiff in the morgue of a Mumbai hospital .
November 26 th was a wake up call to our country to a certain extent ,
the government belatedly realised we not only need bravery and valiance in our security forces but also modern equipment and good intelligence .
The terrorists armed to the teeth with grenades ,AK 47 ,and bombs landed in the city hijacking a fishing boat and infiltrated the city in pairs with ease ,
the police force armed with primitive weaponry could hardly match them with courage alone and so they fell like nine pins to our great loss ,
it needed the higly trained NSG commandos whose acrobatic feats were broadcast live into every home by the night to bring the situation under control .
But by then the damage was caused ,precious lives were lost ,porperty damaged, and the terroirsts had inflicted a scar on our honour .
I was able to watch more than two TV channels from Kerala broadcasting special programmes today lest we forget ,
more should be there ,
it sould be part of our education in the school
never can we forget this date and never should it be repeated ,
this is the only way we can repay the dead fo thier sacrifice .
The knee jerk reaction of the government as in any calamity had created some changes in the security set up which is needed but we also have to understand such an operation by terrorists would have been a sucess only with help within our country which is a sad reality .
There have been several news items of youngsters attracted to support to terrorism over the country specially from Kerala ,
proper investigation and disspation of such news is prevented by political parties who thrive on communal vote banks .
This is a great danger and will nurture malignant foces to spread all over
It is the duty of each one of us to be vigilant and we owe it to every Sandeep Unnikrishnans who breathed thier last for us
Never forget november 26th .Never ......

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Beloved Garmini

I had a first look at the marvel called the GPS in Norway !

On a drive from Oslo to my wifes cousins place about 4 hours away, her hubby a young handsome Norwegian doctor was all ears for his GPS, and as the seductive female voice crooned and sheened the way to us I envied Andreas for this device !

" He does not need this ,he knows the way blindfolded but still he wants to hear her ,look at him all ears ! he is never so with me "grumbled his wife .

we chuckled and Andreas grinned like a chesire cat ,I love her seductive voice ,she makes me go !( thank God for that phrase )

" True True " me

"Baaaah you men " this from my wife !!

I decided immediately to buy one on my return ,I needed company on my long drives to Dubai or Abudhabi as I was alone in the U.A.E. and what better than a seductive voice cajoling you to take the left and not the right haaan ....

There were two more reasons ,one was Dubai had signboards planned by someone who had a pleasure in torturing souls who had no sense of direction and who dreamed of unsolvable riddles all the time ,

one could see signs here pointing within minutes in different directions and with the new flyovers and roads made it a maze for one who was not aware of the geography .

Born with an inherent directional disability I was all the more affected by this turn of events ,most of my forays to Dubai ended up in me giving frustrated calls to friendly neighbourhood cousins to save me from strange places where I had landed without my knowledge

Oh Lord forgive me for I know not what I do was usually my demanour in such tight situations .

A neurology friend commented that I should be having either an aplasia of the needed cells in the grey matter for directional capabilities , or an infarct in the right place or is it the wrong place.... I am confused !

not to cry over losses I looked forwards to a crooning seductive velvety slithery voice to soften my travels in the future .

Dubai here I come I thought , dont you try your tricks with me ,I have my lady with me ha

So I bought a nice Garmin GPS and specially heard her out ,she did sound nice but not seductive but just nice

I settled down for this ( wife was quite happy ,the Norway one was too se....... y ,this one is affectionate like your little sister ok ? )

no luck even with Garmins !! sob sob

so the next time I went to Dubai I was all spurred up ,I positioned my GPS and typed out my destination and lo she told me how long it would take for me to reach and till I got out of Al Ain city she was perfect ( Al Ain where I stay has wide ,orderly ,planned roads )

In the outskirts she bid me goodbye telling me drive straight for 85 kilometres and went into hibernation

she woke from her suspended animation exactly at 85th kilometre jolting me with a now keep left for 5 kilometre and turn right

man this is it now I could reach the stars I thought .

Once into the outskirts of dubai I was lost in the multi laned huge maze of traffic ,every way seemed my way ,

My Garmin was telling me turn in second exit in next roundabout and I was searching for the said roundabout ,

I then realised the Dubai map had not been updated and with the rapid changes happening there all roundabouts were literally extinct to be replaced by confusing ramps and flyovers and my poor girly GPS was as lost as only I could be .

look at the irony ...the guy even buys a GPS similar to him !!!

and so with a 1000 AED GPS with me I took my mobile to give my distress call to my living GPS my cousin

she croons nowadays you know my GPS I mean ................started liking me haan

do I hear you snigger ........

Saturday, October 17, 2009

seven pounds

A pound of flesh was what Shylock wanted but here it is all about 7 pounds atoning a guilt or to put it differently to calm a sadness of the soul .

Will Smith as the protaganist has done remarkably well

there is a kindness that softens his feutures and a genial faraway look in his eyes that see beyond the horizon .

Ben Thomas an Internal Revenue Service agent has a past that knaws him and happens to meet individuals to whom his heart goes out and the descison to change thier lives remarkably is taken by him

his protectiveness to Emily who has an impending death from heart failure ,turns to love and solace, but time is short and memories are too painful to forget and he does what he plans to do

sorry for this very cryptical summary but to give more would be to destroy the essence of the film

see it with patience till the end you will not regret it I assure you .....

Monday, October 05, 2009

Alizadeh Hussain

This story is about a five and a half year old Iranian boy in Doha ---Qatar who was born in Iran on July 1969 and at one year migrated to Qatar
He went to normal school in the day and to Arabic school in the night ,
He plodded through five years of elementary school three years of secondary and finally four years of high school ,and Arabic five years of elementary ,three years of secondary and three years of high school and in july 1985 he passed out of iranian school ( high school ) with an average of 99 .5 and from Arabic school with an average of 95 %
( early signs of a prodigy in the making .)
He also did the O and A level from the British Council in Qatar ,
passed TOEFL in 1986 with a mark of 685 out of 700 and IELTS in 1998 with a mark of 7.5 out of 8 .
phew !!
now ask me who this is
this is the phenomenal person I could meet and work with the last two years when in UAE

He is consultant hematologist Dr Alizadeh Hussain .

He is unique in not only his academic capabilities which I am yet to unfold ,but because of his very human nature
I would count Alizadeh as one of the most dedicated medical professionals I know of ,hardworking and a thorough professional
To him his patients were everything and to them he was too .

In 1985 he did his premedical study in london - U.K. and Istanbul -Turkey
From August 1987 to September 1993 he did his primary medical university in Pecs -Hungary graduating with a 4.98 grade out of 5 ! and walked away with the coveted Red medal for being the best student in the last twenty years ( from 1973 to 1993 he got the best marks !! )
Actually he did the medical school in four and a half years which normally is done in six years !
He was also teaching Anatomy ,Neuroanatomy ,Embryology ,Histology ,Physiology and Biochemistry in the last one and a half years in the medical school .
take a breath .........more to come
He then flew to the U.S.A. and was in New york and later in New Haven Connectiut .
He came back to Hungary in 1997 and was there till 2000 when he passed his internal Medicine Board Exam in which he got 100 % or 5 out of 5
( nothing less for him )
He then moved back to the U.S.A and to Houston - Texas where he did his fellowship in Leukaemia and Bone marrow Transplantation at the legendary M.D.Anderson Cancer Centre with Dr Hagop Kantarjian ( June 2000 to August 2000 ) .
He then hopped over the Atlantic to the U.K. to the Royal Marsden and Hammersmith hospitals in London from september 2000 to march 2001 to bag an additional fellowship in Bone marrow transplantation .
He joined Tawam hospital in Al Ain ,AbuDhabi ,U.A.E known for its hematology Oncology ,Radiotherapy ,Palliative department in March 2001 .
He passed the Board of Hematology -Oncology and Hematopoetic Stem cell Transplantation in February 2001 with ( guess what ,yes you are right now ) 100 % or a five out of five .
He had scholarships to Greece and Germany between 1997 and 2000 and also was teaching in Hungary and Austria
cosmopolitian physician indeed !
In Greece he got the award for the best researcher and also bagged his first Fiancee there ( wonder how he found the time admidst all these busy academics ....time managment dear friends )
in Hungary he got three awards for best teacher ,best researcher and best lecturer
In U.A.E he got eight awards which included excellent teacher ,excellent presenter ,employee of the month ,Best doctor by patients survey and an Assistant Professor in 2007 ,he was promoted to Associate professor in Europe in 2008 and also adjunct Associate Professor from FMHS in al Ain U.A.E .
( didnt leave much awards for others I think )
Iam exhausted !
He spoke several languages with the finesse of a native of that language English ,Farsi ,Persian ,hindi ,Urdu ,Arabic ,Hungarian ,French ,smattering of Tegalo and so on and on .
He was a dynamite of energy always on the move so much so he never married
( where is the time ? )
One fine day he left us all in Tawam to move to Europe hopefully for a short period with a promise to be back
On his farewell party I wrote a tiny ditty which I read out then .........which I am adding here



( good good in Arabic )





I dedicate this post to this wonderful friend of mine .......Alizadeh Hussain

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mayaaaaaaawati the statue

Mayawati mayawati the darling of log aam
her heart in a flutter for kanshi kaanshi raam
Suddenly Mayawati felt she needed lots of statue new
to proclaim to the world the dalit love so blue and true .....

The money ?cash no problem bhai Mayawati se queen
of Uttar pradesh and its millions of no simple means
said she her thundering speeches let them feast on our images
bhai oh b
ehn we will give you lots of mirages ......

we the greats were born only to to uplift the poor
but then we have to start with ourselves for sure
let everyone not stop with water but also have the finest beer
said by me truly like Mary antoinette my peer ..........

Statues are forever and forever
See now we are part of history ,how clever
and how much we make by way of the contracts
depends on how we play
the game with knack and tact .......

Dalits will be Dalits forever but why gripe
when one among them rises above the tripe
so we shall build statues forts memorials and malls
and our name and fame will be shining and tall .........

my dahling depressed downtrodden men and women
look at statues of me and kaansh kaanshi raam often
and then your empty stomachs will be full
life to you and me would then never be dull ........

all are jealous of our statues and memorials and parks
the reason they never tire and continue to bark
Uttar Pradesh may always be in the dark
but for kaanshiji and mayawatijiji it would be a lark .......

so my dear backward class bonded trodden ones
try to emulate us the chosen ones
watch us with our statues having all the funs
but never stop voting for us in tons and tons ..........
bhayyo behnno mayawati se aapke pura log se thanyavaath

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sasi Tharoor Twitter comments

When Mr Tharoor was asked if he will travel in cattle class the next time he travels to Kerala, he retorted back saying,
"Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows."
The Twitter comment from our sauve UN returned writer has landed him in neck deep trouble .
when I first heard of this over the UAE Asianet Radio and also the furious reactions from malyalees ,( the show organiser was also totally biased against Sasi Tharoor !! )
I was both amused and sad .amused that the so called educated intelligent Keralite should never deserve that name because they missed the point entirely !
The question asked was a leading one and Sasi Tharoor had the honesty not to change the word cattle into a very diplomatic economy class .
what is wrong in calling it by the same name the common classes are always called cattle class ,that never says people travelling in it are cattle( from thier reaction I do have my doubts )
well moving away from that, the real focus of the furious reaction to this comment by the congress was never this word cattle class which our malayalee men and women caught wrongly and focused all thier revelutionary fervour upon .
it was the word holy cow that caught the congress cow by its udder
this was what made Jayanti Nadarajan see RED ,
after all when the living deity of a Rahul Gandhi travels in Aam janata class in trains ,and his mother the reigning party queen in planes in economy or cattle ( sic ) class symbolising the
GREAT AUSTERITY DRIVE none dare ridicule it
never a congressman at that
never a minister from the congress
and that too somebody who is a newcomer !!
a babe in the woods
where is gratitude gone ?
someone who is not a home bred Keralite
and that too someone who thinks in engleeesh
That is sacrosant !
blasphemy for the great party
unheard of !something
that needed due punishment indeed !
cant afford such comments to become a habit can they ?
"never allow mediocrisy to rise above hypocrisy " the motto of the oldest party in India cannot be reversed

sorry but what a bunch of hypocrites and fools we indians are ?
we have people like Mayawati swindling public coffers to build her statues while thousands suffer from drought and starve ,
we have our own state bred politicians who have dipped thier hands into Canadian business houses and continue to sermonise ,
we have quasi terrorists in the garb of religious leaders who spit fire and fume in public meetings
we have politicians with itchy hands in planes out to grab the nearest good looking female who get aquited to reign as ministers again
we have corrupt politicians ruling us left and right with a rare sprinkling of good ones ,
just because they use the right words and give great speeches to hoodwink us we fall for them

havent you seen movies where the politiican after hugging a slum dweller for a photo crinkle his nose later ?
we believe in them
many really believe these austeriy drives
i dont
let us calculate how much these ministers have been spending for thier office remakes ,
how much have they been spending for thier foriegn trips ,
thier iftar parties
thier phone calls
thier black cat commandos
thier wasted debates inside assemblies and parliaments when they either slouch or walk out or just disappear
how many crores have they swindled in and out of power

the late VP Singh former prime minister used to travel to UK for getting a treatment available in India with his whole family and stay in the most expensive hotel in london for months incurring huge bills paid by the state and he was supposed to be a politiican who fought for the downtrodden the backward class !
( all he did was took the country many steps backwards by his mandalisation and also in the process got a few youngsters burnt to char )just an example
we have so many paswans ,lallus ,and karunakarans
why are we cheating ourselves like this ?
no wonder we never progress because we deserve only such nincompoops to rule us
our country needs educated intelligent people who call a spade by its name and not as something else
I would advise Sasi tharoor to go back and continue being a writer
the country does not deserve specially the congress and specially Kerala state never deserves people like him ,
thier needs are fulfilled by the present bunch and they will always be in the same sorry state
sad but true


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dubai Metro

9/9/09 9pm 9 minutes and 99 seconds
This would be a date and time etched into the history of Dubai the city
Recently dates have always been associated with unfortunate events this has been a positive change .

four years back when the plans for a metro started this date was mentioned ,hats off to the powers that they kept thier word in spite of the recession .

The Metro in Dubai is another example of the far sighted vision ,commitment and hard work and dedication of its leadership .

49 months 30,000 workers and 28 billion dirhams later Dubai has the longest most modern unmanned fully automatic Metro in the world .

Every Emirati and Exaptriate in U.A.E. are exited on this great day .
for a city dependent on roads and heavy traffic this would be a welcome change .
the country has never experienced Rail travel so far !

for a start out of the 47 stations only 10 are open today but by february all will open

the red line would have 29 stations 24 elevated 4 underground and one at ground level

next comes the green line .,it would have 18 stations of which 6 would be underground

there would be two transfer stations UnionSquare and Burjuman

the Metro would be a part of an integrated transport system with buses and boats ( near water areas )

( Kochi administrators please note this .....Kochi in Kerala is eminiently suited for water transportation this was recognised by the British who started good boat services but today sadly our politicians have effectively destroyed this ,the kochi Metro is still a dream yet to fructify )

Every metro station would have feeder buses and more than 787 buses would be started .
most forms of Tickets can be used in all the three types of transport .
(new unified automated fare collecting system)
one could plan ones journey to the last second by going to RTA site and clicking on journey planner ,this would give you options for getting from one place to the other and approx time needed ,an animated interactive portion even would show an image walking to nearest bus stop ,bus moving and stopping at metrosn and train moving to destination !

Each train has five compartments one half called Gold cabin or first class the other half is for women and children only ,rest four are normal compartments called Silver ( Economy )

The train would have pleasant colours ,water and air themes ,special facilities for disabled ,elderly and pregnant women ,needless to say evryhting would be disabled acessible
Tactile floor guidance ,Braille signs would be available .
audiovisual announcements and CC TV would be there in all compartments .
they have the best safety feutures available today .
All Metro trains and stations are WIFI enabled with free internet acess
more than 60000 tons of steel have been used in the construction
Two Tunnel Boring machines have been used in its construction
643 passengers in every train 23000 passengers can be carried every hour in the red line each train would have five compartments and have the best safety feutures in the world today
they would be controlled centrally .
Naming rights have been given to private firms for the stations and so we have stations like Diera city centre ,Mall of the Emirates ,Ibn Batuta Mall ,Dubai Mall ,Nakheel etc the rights are sold for a period of 10 years
Both elevated and underground tracks are part of the Metro .
a pop group has already dedicated an album to the metro and below is the lyric of one of the songs

Lyrics of Blue Streak written by Nikhil Uzgare
Goin for a ride on a blue streak, it’s a damn good ride for the mean streets
Gona zip thru the city in my blue streak.
I’m gonna fly !
Beating the traffic in my blue streak, gonna sweat no more in my old jeep
Gona zip thru the city in my blue streak.
Paradise !
Some days are meant for boredom, doing your little nothing squatting flies
Some days are not that bad, I hit my sack, just about in time
Some days are made for speed, but the radars keep me back in line
Some days are slow as hell, wish I had a jet to fly
We’ve got damn strange occupations. Now am zipping thru my stations.
And when I’m off the tracks. The blue streak brings me back!!
Goin for a ride on a blue streak, it’s a damn good ride for the mean streets
Gona zip thru the city in my blue streak.
I’m gonna fly !
Beating the traffic in my blue streak, gonna sweat no more in my old jeep
Gona zip thru the city in my blue streak.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Urdhu .........the origins

The origin of Urdu as a language became a topic of intrest in one of our department meets when the unique word Roz connected with Id fasting rose as a matter of discussion ,this was a word of Persian origin .
How was Urdu born ?
became a question of intrest to me on that day so I did some browsing and came up with this blog post .
I am thankful to the articles in the net from which this blog post has been literally copied ,I apologise to the authors for doing this without thier permission but I hope they forgive me in academic intrest ,the attitude was well intentioned and for spreading knowledge and nothing else .

Urdu is derived from Ghaznavid Persian, which is in turn derived from Avestan via Sassanid Pahlavi. It shall thence be evident that the ultimate ancestor of Urdu is Avestan, making it a member of the Iranian family of languages.

The first and most basic evidence which strikes an observer is the Persian-Islamic script of Urdu, as well as the extremely high percentage of Persian words in Urdu vocabulary. In fact, even in Musalmani (Muslim Bengali) an eastern dialect of Urdu spoken mainly Bangladesh and influenced by Bengali, one finds a significant proportion of Persian words. At least 60% of the vocabulary of Punjabi, a rustic western dialect of Urdu, is of also Persian origin:
"If more than 60% of the words are common in Punjabi and Urdu (Shriram 1928:67) it is due to the influence of Persian." [1]
More detailed investigations only confirm the precurosry impressions. Indeed, several researchers have traced the origin of Urdu to the camps of Mahmud-e-Ghazni. Thus, K.K.Khullar notes:
"The birth of Urdu language was the direct result of the synthesis between the invading armies of Mahmud of Ghazni with the civilian population of the Indian cities. The word Urdu itself means Lashkar, derived from the Turkish language meaning armies." [2]
Indeed, the Ghaznavid origin of Urdu follows from the very name of the language - Zaban-e-Urdu, or "Language of the Armies". The word "Urdu" is derived from the Turkic "Oordou", meaning "camps" or, as Khullar notes above, "armies".
Urdu was thus self-evidently the language of the soldiers of the armies of Mahmud-e-Ghazni, the only militarist sovereign of the era who maintained a large enough army for a considerable period to provide sufficient time for a new language to develop. It is for this same reason that the earliest surviving Urdu literature is that of Sufi saints who accompanied the Ghaznavids during their expeditions.
Noted Iranologist Dr.E.C.Sachau, translator of al-Beruni's India, further elucidates the Ghaznavid origin of Urdu:

"Tilak, the son of Jai Sen ... studied in Kashmir, [then worked as an] interpreter first to Kadi Shirazi Bulhasan Ali, a high civil officer under Mahumd and Masud (Elliott ii.117,123), then to Ahmad Ibn Hasan of Maimand, who was grand vizier, 1007 AD-25 ... and then 1030-1033 under Mahmud and Masud, and rose afterwards to be a commanding officer in the army (Elliott ii.125-127). This class of men spoke and wrote Hindi (of course with Arabic characters) and Persian (perhaps also Turkish, as this language prevailed in the army), and it is probably in these circles that we must look for the origin of Urdu or Hindustani." [3]
Dr.E.C.Sachau also notes the existence in the 1850s of remarkable Urdu manuscripts surviving from the Ghaznavid era:
"The first author who wrote in this language, the Dante of Muhammedan India, is one Masud, who died a little more than a century after the death of King Mahmud (525AH=1131 AD), cf A.Springer, Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian and Hindustany manuscripts of the libraries of the King of Oudh, Calcutta, 1854 pp.407,485. If we had any of the Hindi writings of those times, they would probably exhibit the same kind of Indian speech as found in Alberuni's book." [4]
Having traced the origin of Urdu to the camps of Mahmud-e-Ghazni, the identification of the "mother language" becomes the next necessity. The question of the origin of Urdu thus becomes linked to the language spoken by the soldiers of Mahmud. It is proposed that this source language for Urdu was Ghaznavid Dari.
Several facts support this view:
1. Ghazni is geographically located within the traditional Dari-speaking area of Afghanistan. Hence Dari was likely to have been spoken by many of Mahmud's soldiers.
2. The "Ghaznavi" dialect of Dari is still spoken [5].
3. Mahmud-e-Ghazni was a patron of Dari literature, hence he would have encouraged its usage amongst his soldiers.
4. Most soldiers in the Ghaznavid armies were of East Iranic stock, consisting of the local population of eastern Eranshahr, along with a substantial Turkic contribution.
5. Mahmud traced his descent to the Sassanids and Achaemenids:
"Subooktugeen [Ameer Nasir-Ood-Deen Subooktugeen Ghiznivy] is said to be lineally descended from Yezdijerd (the last of the Persian monarchs) who, when flying from his enemies during the Caliphate of Uthman, was murdered at a water-mill near the town of Merv. His family being left in Toorkistan formed connections among the people, and his decsndants became Toorks.
His genealogy is as follows: Subooktugeen, the son of Jookan, the son of Kuzil Hukum, the son of Kuzil Arslan, the son of Ferooz, the son of Yezdejird, the King of Persia." [6]
Mahmud was thus proud of his Iranian heritage - the blood of Cyrus the Great which flowed in his veins - and deliberately fashioned his empire in the mould of his Achaemenid and Sassanid ancestors. The Later Timurid Mughal Empire of Akbar and Aurangzeb was in turn the direct successor state of the Ghaznavid Empire, implying a direct historical parallel for the derivation of Urdu from Dari. For the lay Urdu speaker of today, the traditional descent of the Mughal Empire from the Ghaznavid Dynasty and thence from the Achaemenid Empire is the simplest historical proof of the Iranic origin of his language.
According to Ibn al-Muqaffa (translator of the Book of Kalila and Dimna) towards the end of the Sassanian Empire, three Iranic languages had developed in Eranshahr: "Parsi" (Avestan), "Pahlavi" and "Dari" [7].
Dari is generally viewed as "Vulgar Pahlavi", the vernacular spoken by the masses which developed as an offshoot of Sassanid Pahlavi. Dari is thus analogous to the "Vulgar Latin" stage in the development of Romance languages. Old East Iranic languages such as Bactrian (Bahlika of the Prakrit grammarians), Sogdian, Sakan (the Sacara of the Prakrit writers) and Tokharian (perhaps the ancestor of the Takki Apabhramsa of the Punjab) provided a substratum for Dari (a West Iranic language), while Turkic and Altaic provided a later superstratum.
Urdu, like all Iranic languages, is thus linguistically and historically derived from Avestan, which is for Iranian languages what Latin is for Romance languages. It should be considered a member of the Iranian branch of languages. A short language tree would be:
Avestan -> Pahlavi -> Dari -> Urdu.
This article should remove all doubts about the real origin of Urdu.

The greatest flourishing of northern Indian culture, art, and imperial strength undoubtedly took place during the reign of the Mughal monarchs of the 16th and 17th centuries. The Mughals were Central Asian descendents of the great Mongol warriors Ghengis Khan and Timur (Tamerlane), whose hordes of cavalry swept across the Eurasian steppe in the 13th and 14th centuries, conquering everything between Beijing and Budapest. But by the turn of the 16th century, the great Mongol empire has splintered; the many royal descendents of Ghengis and Timur fought over the territorial scraps and did their best to hold on to their own minor sultanates.
One of these sultans, Babur, was not satisfied with his small kingdom of Ferghana (now in modern-day Kyrgystan and eastern Uzbekistan), and he tried and tried again to permanently reconquer Timur's greatest prize, Samarkand. He never succeeded. So instead, Babur turned his attention south to the sultanate of Delhi in northern India, which had been ruled successively by five dynasties of muslim warriors from Afghanistan since the late 12th century. As history would show, Babur's campaign against the Delhi sultanate catalyzed the foundation of one of the greatest dynasties in the history of south Asia: the Mughal Empire.

Ordhoo or language of the barracks is now spoken by more than a third of humanity

My grateful thanks to the authors .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goonda files

Keralites always love shortcuts ,one could always find custom for goat farming ,teak investment and other such bizzare invsetment options ,the mallu wanted hard cash the easiest and laziest way possible .
Militant labour was one such excellent career option for many youngsters
the climate of zindabad howling and Hartal declaring was ideal for this .
Any new venture in the state would find a flag implanted on it shortly and then the fun would begin !
it was always a sure fire winner with no shot fired .
Bloodless revolution

Attimari or qouting abysmal charges for manual jobs is a Kerala speciality ,discovered by the great founding fathers of united labour welfare .
This singular phenomenon provided bread and butter to many comrades with no sweat involved
After all qouting ones price when one was confident of its acceptance is a sure winner !
With this lineage of succesful schemes it was not long before Goondaism took over
Gods own country became something else again starting with G .
not much investment was required to qualify into this hallowed career option ,of course a good build and strong biceps is mandatory
foul language and swearing definitely helped ,one could get trained watching the right movies ,a sharp object was a must even whe used only for demo purposes .
the clientiele is far and wide with even corporate banks requesting Goondah services .
Goondaism is run on strict management guidelines these days .
Territorial independence is literally a legal right
confabultaions ,consultations and even conferences between goondahs and the society at large are part of the job .
Goondahs are untouchable in the right sense ( not the one Gandhiji fought for ) .
Thier responsibilities are wide and varied .
vacating premises ,eve teasing ,catcing eve teasers ,handling business rivalry ,tackling infedelity ,dowry ,family disputes ,and political rivalry ,
goondas have thier hands full and thus thier bank accounts too .
An arrest here or there is an occupational hazard they face ,
moments of media glare when Goondahs peep from behind turkish towels over thier grinning faces ,publicity in TV channels which could signal a future in the movies ,a stint in the cooler could also be in the offing but it could be in style depending on thier stature .
Career counselling experts are seriously thinking of training in Goondaism as it becomes more and more structured
a Goonda welfare society ,pensioners /Goondas assn is a need these days ,
the needs of these hard working people after thier productive years is to be met thier medical insurance is a must as they are in a high risk job
Goonda recreation clubs are a real need where they can relax after thier daily dose of unavoidable volence no interference and a couple of fine swigs of thier favourite brew
with our great leaders themselves having strong backgrounds ,Goondaism is a sure hit as a career option in Kerala .
One could rise to become anything ,sky is the limit
to be a Goonda in Kerala today sounds a very a sensible option .
Goondeswara namaha ....

happy onam

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