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Monday, March 27, 2017

Reluctant Grandpa

The Reluctant Grandpa

Commenting on grandparents in a friends post made me write this .
In the days of parent neglect of selfish self contained families where parents are considered a bother by some (there are so many who dont think so too ) old age homes and sad elders ( having been attached to palluruthy relief center for more than three years knowing many chronic inmates quite closely i can reel off some tearful at times disgusting anecdotes )
Grandparents are the greatest blessing a child can have
They are relatively free ( of course some of my classmates who function as excellent grandparents are also active phyisians be it in the operation theatre or seeing a big list of patients in their clinics but seem to delight in their grandparent role too and are diligent in both )
They have time and give attention to the child which is understood by the little ones intutively

 cant blame the parents with lot of pressures unlike thier parents who have climbed to higher altitudes nearing the peak are more relaxed

Most enjoy being with their grandchildren and  love telling them stories .

My mother with her life in the  forties in  Bombay convents was adept in english classics and my daughter Sruthi was brought up on a fare of Tess of the deaberville .mayor of casterbridge  and such other British classics so much so that subconciously she still lives in a dreamy world of english fiction i think

My son was brought up from a toddler by my mother in law who was so pious and an expert in Hindu puranas that she imparted them to both kids
In fact they had the best of both

Grandparents are  a great buffer to children who know its better to tell them all the little things happening than to their harried parents .

Such priceless treasures are they i still wonder how some put them aloof in a remote home .

Slowly i seem to be inching my way to the status though my daughter is yet to be married but sooner or later God willing

This may give you the feel iam just waiting for it
Well not so at least now  !

I always felt children when born should be at least five  years ;) so that the runny nose nappy changing night crying imps they are can be fast forwarded to a cute age where one could lead them in hand and take them to a park .

My wife has no such misgivings and looks forwards to her grandmas role in great anticipation .

To my strong descision of enjoying my retired life in my way and not running after kids she would give me a knowing smile as if she has a hunch i wouldnt be so uptight when it happens which sort of frightens me .

Anyhow all in good time as at present reaching pinnacle of fifties i seem to be quite content to think iam around late thirty

Grandpa status luckily is still frighteningly distant

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