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Friday, April 07, 2017

Cloud Sketcher book review

The Cloud Sketcher by Richard Rayner is the book i read last .
It was Ayn Rand the legendary novelist in her fountainhead who immortalized Roark as an architect with a difference .
Roark is one character etched with so much finesse he stands out as strong and unique as his buildings for posterity .
Here too Eric Vannaven a Finnish Architect gets the same superhuman treatment by the author.
It al starts in Finland during those dark days of spreading Bolshevism from Russia in 1917 Erics father a hard core communist whose attachment to his son was a mixed one of dominance and love ,having lost his mother in a fire the small boy maimed in the same fire with a big scar on his face and lost an eye too is a dreamy lad living in those harsh times with a strange father
A picture of a new invention an escalator fires the imagination of the boy for tis machine and his mind is full of tall buildings and escalators to go up on them .
He becomes an young man and takes part in the civil war fighting with the whites for the utter disappointment of his father in hiding ,his passion for his child hood girlfriend never vanishes even though she marries his friend who dies in the war and she then migrates to the USA to become a popular photographer,Eric too becomes an architect and goes on to build one of the finest churches in Finland a structure which brings hope to the post war scenario of a developing Finland far from Russians yoke ,he gets married to Anna a fellow architect and they have a son but he realizes his heart is till on his katrina in the US,Anna knowing this allows him to travel to US knowing he would never be back ,
Eric starts from the scratch working in a high rise with a crew and none knew him as  a renowned architect till the day he wins a price for a new high rise and then he rises up gets in touch with katrina who is now married to a rich and old business man ,a nexus with the mafia and finally the shooting of katrinas husband the covering up of the foul deed with the help of the don and in the end the by now very famous architect who has created Manhattans biggest skyscraper falls to the bullet of one of his bete noirs .
the plot may sound like  a bad masala movie from Bollywood but its the treatment hat counted the descriptions of the buildings the aspirations of an architect and how he reaches the pinnacles both in reality and figuratively
good book indeed

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