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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Horny mallu

India is a horny country
No pun intended
today was no Horn day in Kerala
The Indian Medical association Cochin celebrated this by spreading awareness on noise pollution 
let me talk of the addiction of the mallu to his horn !
hes born with a finger on this button and all his emotions are expressed singularly by horning
his horny moments are plenty
The angry horn : this usually comes when he is overtaken ,or a pedestrian or cow or auto or cycle blocks his way ,this comes in starts and is sudden and loud
The frustrated horn : when there is a traffic block and Mallu is in a hurry which is usually all the time ,he just horns in fits and starts
the emotional horn : can happen with no cause as it arises from within and not from outside ,ususally when he fights with wifey in car or by his mobile phone he expresses his displeasure by horning
The joyful horn happen when mallu is cheerful this usually is long and low and one can feel the cheer
The lazy horn happens with no reason but mallu laziness in having to drive to work on a Monday after the weekend slosh
the hartal horn is risky one as it makes his vehicle a prime target for stones expect in two wheeler which the proleterait knows isn't feudal
The VIP horn is only for strutting politicians with real horns to announce their presence to the commoners
The holy horn is generally from church or temple goers who are late for the mass or pujas
The school horn happens from harried fathers and mothers going to drop their children in school
The Goondah horn is one of fury its usually followed by stopping vehicle and creating mayhem
The surprise horn is by funsters who love creating a start on the humble jay walker its done with stealth and smiles
so with all this addictions the mallu cannot live with his horns of course he will whenever he goes to Gulp
there he is never horny for they will circumcise his horns for good

Angel with a smile

Angel with a smile
It was January 1st .2000 a new century had dawned so had my return to oncology
After 14 years after my Radiotherapy specialization when I was into family medicine running our own clinic along with Premila and pretty well at that I was a bit apprehensive to go to work in a newly opened super speciality hospital all glass and chrome and shiny in the oncology hematology department for a legend among medical oncologists Dr .V.P.Gangadharan
Today 17 years later when I look back I would consider meeting him in Regional cancer center Trivandrum where I went for an observer stint was the turning point in my profession .
To work in Dr VPG s team is a dream cum true for not only was he the busiest oncologist this side of the Vindhyas he was a rare celebrity among doctors .
He was well known to many and his human nature was mentioned by all but he was a highly educated trained and intelligent expert in his field that his humility rarely could hide .
Among st his excellent team one person stood out like a beacon lamp
Yes a lady of the lamp
The smiling lady of the lamp
She was senior nurse in charge of Dr VPG s department and handled the most complicated and serious cases in the famous fifth floor of the hospital
 The patients there were a sprinkling of leukemia lymphomas solid tumors of all kinds most of them with multiple complications on complex treatment regimes with emergencies happening all the time .
The ward was extended into double its strength and it required an astute mind highly trained alert to emergencies amiable to stresses emotional crisises sudden tragedies coupled with moments of joy happiness
You name it we had it .
A microcosm of the world at large with its smiles and frowns , its happiness , its tragedies and a degree of skill and professionalism that produced wonders.
To be a general to an army of this nature ,to be a bridge between the patients ,and the doctors to serve them with love care concern and same time with knowledge was no easy task .
It required fortitude , perseverance ,hard work , honesty , and sincerity .
Phiomina sister had all this and more .
In the early days when a nervous me would embark on bone marrow punctures ,or try to get a lumbar puncture correct at first shot ,or even insert a hickman central line ,or puncture the pleura for pleural tap there was one smiling philomina sister goading me all along ,telling me Dr.Hari you can do it and I did too .
It was this cheer that comes by working with people whom you respect admire and become friends,
sister was my friend as we were almost same age i think .
Philomina sister had health issues even those days she had kidney dysfunction diabetes etc but there would be no trace of any of this on her face bequeathed with an eternal smile .
She was quick too whenever needed in emergencies and knew every single happening in the ward
There was a silent understanding and mutual respect between Dr Gangadharan and philomina sister beyond their friendly banter .
When it came to patients , sister knew with uncanny clarity what VPG Sir wanted .
I used to watch this silent communication between them akin to a pilot and a co pilot or a surgeon and assistant .
Dr VPG relied on philomina sister to manage his wards most efficiently .
I used to try to meet her in lake shore whenever i visited Cochin
I did a year back when sister told me her health wasnt very good but her smile was still there and her work continued .
Today I heard she was no more !!
This was a shock to me and i felt very sad at the loss of this dedicated woman ,a professional highly skilled charge nurse ,
a humanitarian of the best kind a mother and a wife to her family and an angel to thousands of Dr VPG s patients .
Fifth floor in Lakeshore would always remind me of philomina sister , her smile will always adorn its rooms , her angelic aura will cast a benign shadow on its children , her cheer would ever be with her team .
I can imagine how much
Dr VPG would miss his right hand
May her soul rest in peace
May all the goodness in her life be spread to her family and her patients
May we remember this angel forever .

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear deer

 Deer meat can be slotted as exotic meat i think
Yesterday went with some friends to this legendary heritage chinese restaurant in Brunei .
It was tender and nice but to my selectively Indian taste buds would have been better as a spicy kerala style fry
Somehow the original authentic chinese food doesnt appeal to me with its bland sourness mild hint of sickly sweetness and no spice this side of timbuctoo
I prefer our indo chinese any day with its scollops of tomatoes onions and chilly powder or peppper
I need india in some form to make things perfect .
Once i had moose meat (theres a clan named moose in kerala not mentioning them !! )
This is like mux oxen a cross between bison and deer
I had this in Norway which incidentally has moose overbridges on highways so that they cross from one forest to other without becoming meat .
My wifes cousins husband an young Norwegian doctor cooked an suthentic kerala style moose curry for us whic was awesome with soft succulent bread to beat the freezing cold then .
Once wandering in downtown Sydney I saw a burger shop with pictures of kangaroo burgers
Had one promptly .it didnt hop one me but was as good as any self respecting chicken burger was .
Ages back in the thatched hut of a kumily eatout amongst the increading fogs i tucked into exotic jungle birds with some fiery liqour along with my college mates
In a dinner in cochin once in a friends house was asked to name a succulent meat it was the poor rabbit of course
I love animals becos they are so tasty
But i really dont like those slimy creepy creatures which the far east like to indulge in like those insects worms frogs snakes etc nauseating indeed .

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Indian than you think Lufthansa

It was 2012 and I was booked to travel in a Lufthansa all Business class flight to Munich from Dubai on my way to Stockholm capital of Sweden to attend the European society of medical oncology annual conference .
Though I had traveled in business class flights several times this was the first time I was going to be in an exclusively Business only class provided by Lufthansa and I was looking forwards to the trip .

My wife was also coming to the meet with me but had booked an Emirates Airlines flight to London and was coming from London to Stockholm,
So we parted at the airport gates in Dubai and I was near gate of Lufthansa departure ,

Suddenly I got a phone call from my wife who told me she had been asked for an UK Visa as she had to transit in London ,she  did not apply for one as it was only transit but it seems there was a new rule even for a transit Indians needed a visa if in London which we both felt was absurd and unfair as we were not informed of this earlier ,by this time I was repeatedly asked by the  Lufthansa ground staff to kindly board the flight immediately as most passengers had got in !

My wife told me to  carry on and that she would try to get another flight via Europe if not she would cancel her trip !!

We had already planned to go on a days trip to Norway as my wifes cousin was there and now it looked all our plans had gone awry ,I was very upset at the turn of events and getting into the much awaited plush aircraft and settling down to a comfortable seat never registered on me ,I was sour and glum .
Soon the hostess turned up and gave us hot towels refreshing soft drinks and had come around asking for our choice of drinks ,though I did sip a wine my mood was definitely not in it .
There was a very Teutonic looking young steward and since I just had to open up I asked him which other flights were possible to reach Stockholm if one couldn't go through London and trying to tell my grievance but he was so gruff in answering that he did not know and just walked off ,

I was shocked and angry at his behavior which I felt was positively rude and as I was already sad this literally brought me to tears ,I was furious and wanted to have a show down immediately with what I thought a most arrogant uncouth staff who  was racist  in his behavior .

But somehow Indians have always been to taught to step back when in anger and never take decisions and i knew from past experience that this was always a wise move so I just kept quiet though very angry and very hurt .
I managed to just nibble the delicious  food and when the hostess asked me if I wasnt well i just nodded as I was fed up with all of them .
After a tired nap I woke up
it was already late night and I had to use the toilet and when I reached near the toilet I found the steward and other hostesses talking in the pantry ,I felt I should tell what I had in my mind and  find out why he behaved in that manner   ,
I felt I deserved an answer so in a very calm tone I asked him why he behaved so when I had just asked him a legitimate question ,he looked confused and said oh sorry sir didn't mean so and I just left it and cam back to my seat .
I thought and finally he just ended it with a sorry mouthed !

After some time I was again drifting off to sleep  when I felt the steward sliding into the empty seat next to mine

sir I am extremely sorry to have behaved so I really was terribly busy which isnt an excuse to have behaved so please tell me your problem  let me see in what way I could help you which is the least I can do for you !
so I told him all that happened he again apologized and said I understand sir let me see what I can find out for you ,after some time he came back and told me that my wife could get a flight via Amsterdam if she could speak with Emirates and once again sat with me for a long time listening all I had to say .

of course things did work out as my wife could get alternate flights without much loss and we did make our trip to Norway as planned and my Lufthansa steward did give me the  peace of mind by his concern and all ended well .

It was my Indian nature that helped me to  not react when angry immediately and it also made me realize that ones perception of another could be colored by misconceptions and the steward turned to be a very concerned and sympathetic young man instead of being a racist I thought him to be .
when I heard of Lufthansa now going the Indian way i was reminded of this incident and I only feel more happy as Lufthansa staff would only do better as they are always concerned and caring .

Friday, April 07, 2017

The MP in the baloon

The one way ticket

The man beats only with slippers
Rarely does he use his flippers
He loves travel and to fly
The next best thing he does is to lie

He never imagined Air India would dare
To bar him from flying like a mare
He is after all a member of parliament
 Arent MPS angers meant to be vent

He now has to go in trains
Even first class is full of pains
He needs to fly with no care
Since he never pays any fare

So gaikwad bought a baloon
He is neither a fool nor a bufoon
All he needs is some hot air
A politician without that is rare

So our man got into a ballon and crouched
His soft paunch got stuck and he ouched
There was no soft hands to pat him now
No hostesses to look at him and wow

He then passed some hot gas as usual
But that made the baloon swell
And up above the skies he flew
He needed no air india or crew

The baloon went up and up with no stop
Gaikwad wondered if he was in a trap
He got worried and he had no one to beat
His face became red like a roasted meat

He pulled some strings
Baloon shot up like with wings
And after long time he reached the moon
And there the MP lived ever after like a loon

Doctors and lawyers

3.42 crores ie 34000000 for you
No itsnt any annual budget of a panchayat or district its legal fees of a top ranking octogenarian lawyer who charges
2200000 INR for an appearance like Shah Rukh Khan or Aiswarya Rai may do ,but lawyers have better fun they hardly need to sweat it out or dance away like those stars !
They appear in courts  where most of the time the cases are adjourned and judges go off for summer holidays till the next time .
I still have a pending case of a road accident when driving a scooter two decades back was unfairly hit by another bike man by now my compensation should run in crores sic i really do not know if my lawyer who promised me stars is still alive
Of course iam not grudging lawyers at all
 this example of huge fee is for a top notched lawyer and the fee is being paid by the chief minister of Delhi the man with an unbridled tongue an addled brain and most conniving by nature  in this side of the Ganges who is  involved in a case where he had shot of his scarf covered badmouth as usual .
Of course the Kejariwalas of this nation will pass on the fee to the foolish voter of Delhi who made him what he is and all are happy except the state which would lose this amount which could have been used for a crowded filthy overfilled Government hospital in Delhi where sleepless doctors work their asses off for an ungrateful society and are beaten up for their pains and grudged for the paltry salary they get and expected to serve the society with noble intentions and gratitude to the Government for having been given the honour of studying under the auspieces of its treasury at a pittance in a Government medical college but the  same  cannot be applied to  a lawyer who studied in a Govt law college as hes accepted by the great Indian public as not being in a noble profession and can afford to make his crores or take his summer holidays or drag cases for decades .

Lawyers can strike to fight for demands the judges feel but doctors no way

Doctors should  nobly bear getting hit for their troubles
They need to go to villages to serve where they may be carried off by a tiger while on their morning excretions in friendly neighbourhood forest or their children can study in local patashaala
 being noble they better do so
Doctors dare not strike
Imagine then who will treat the brain lumbagos of people who pass such judgements
The quacks

Cloud Sketcher book review

The Cloud Sketcher by Richard Rayner is the book i read last .
It was Ayn Rand the legendary novelist in her fountainhead who immortalized Roark as an architect with a difference .
Roark is one character etched with so much finesse he stands out as strong and unique as his buildings for posterity .
Here too Eric Vannaven a Finnish Architect gets the same superhuman treatment by the author.
It al starts in Finland during those dark days of spreading Bolshevism from Russia in 1917 Erics father a hard core communist whose attachment to his son was a mixed one of dominance and love ,having lost his mother in a fire the small boy maimed in the same fire with a big scar on his face and lost an eye too is a dreamy lad living in those harsh times with a strange father
A picture of a new invention an escalator fires the imagination of the boy for tis machine and his mind is full of tall buildings and escalators to go up on them .
He becomes an young man and takes part in the civil war fighting with the whites for the utter disappointment of his father in hiding ,his passion for his child hood girlfriend never vanishes even though she marries his friend who dies in the war and she then migrates to the USA to become a popular photographer,Eric too becomes an architect and goes on to build one of the finest churches in Finland a structure which brings hope to the post war scenario of a developing Finland far from Russians yoke ,he gets married to Anna a fellow architect and they have a son but he realizes his heart is till on his katrina in the US,Anna knowing this allows him to travel to US knowing he would never be back ,
Eric starts from the scratch working in a high rise with a crew and none knew him as  a renowned architect till the day he wins a price for a new high rise and then he rises up gets in touch with katrina who is now married to a rich and old business man ,a nexus with the mafia and finally the shooting of katrinas husband the covering up of the foul deed with the help of the don and in the end the by now very famous architect who has created Manhattans biggest skyscraper falls to the bullet of one of his bete noirs .
the plot may sound like  a bad masala movie from Bollywood but its the treatment hat counted the descriptions of the buildings the aspirations of an architect and how he reaches the pinnacles both in reality and figuratively
good book indeed

Visaranai tamil film review

Tamil film visaranai or interrogation got an award from a Venice film festival for the best human right violation film .
its based on a true story written by one of the four victims of police torture and framing
 the book is titled lock up ,
the rest three were killed ,
the lone survivor and author now is an auto driver is also a human right activists who fights for under trials
we have always heard that the police in India have their own rules to close cases and pressure from politics and the rich and influential does make them frame innocents at many times

 the incidence of such framing accounts to almost 30 % according to a study
,the world inside those lock ups and what happens under cover of legitimate police interrogations is is a mystery not easily uncovered but whispers do tell us a lot
this movie is a frightening account of what could happen  with unlimited police power
A trifle disturbing to view a world which we know nothing of !!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Reluctant Grandpa

The Reluctant Grandpa

Commenting on grandparents in a friends post made me write this .
In the days of parent neglect of selfish self contained families where parents are considered a bother by some (there are so many who dont think so too ) old age homes and sad elders ( having been attached to palluruthy relief center for more than three years knowing many chronic inmates quite closely i can reel off some tearful at times disgusting anecdotes )
Grandparents are the greatest blessing a child can have
They are relatively free ( of course some of my classmates who function as excellent grandparents are also active phyisians be it in the operation theatre or seeing a big list of patients in their clinics but seem to delight in their grandparent role too and are diligent in both )
They have time and give attention to the child which is understood by the little ones intutively

 cant blame the parents with lot of pressures unlike thier parents who have climbed to higher altitudes nearing the peak are more relaxed

Most enjoy being with their grandchildren and  love telling them stories .

My mother with her life in the  forties in  Bombay convents was adept in english classics and my daughter Sruthi was brought up on a fare of Tess of the deaberville .mayor of casterbridge  and such other British classics so much so that subconciously she still lives in a dreamy world of english fiction i think

My son was brought up from a toddler by my mother in law who was so pious and an expert in Hindu puranas that she imparted them to both kids
In fact they had the best of both

Grandparents are  a great buffer to children who know its better to tell them all the little things happening than to their harried parents .

Such priceless treasures are they i still wonder how some put them aloof in a remote home .

Slowly i seem to be inching my way to the status though my daughter is yet to be married but sooner or later God willing

This may give you the feel iam just waiting for it
Well not so at least now  !

I always felt children when born should be at least five  years ;) so that the runny nose nappy changing night crying imps they are can be fast forwarded to a cute age where one could lead them in hand and take them to a park .

My wife has no such misgivings and looks forwards to her grandmas role in great anticipation .

To my strong descision of enjoying my retired life in my way and not running after kids she would give me a knowing smile as if she has a hunch i wouldnt be so uptight when it happens which sort of frightens me .

Anyhow all in good time as at present reaching pinnacle of fifties i seem to be quite content to think iam around late thirty

Grandpa status luckily is still frighteningly distant

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Metro mania

Metro or MRT or Subways are an excellent and  economic way of seeing sights in a new city .
Most big cities have metros and now in India too there are many .
The MRT maps are available online
 the coloured crosslines usually look a bit complicated specially with foriegn names but generally they are very user friendly .
The first ride generally gives the hang of it
Places like Hong kong Singapore Taipei have many lines but some are simpler .
Generally tourist cards available for one two or three days
This is best way to travel
of course the risk of being pickpocketed or mugged is greater in some cities .
Prague had an ancient metro deep in bowels of earth with dizzying depths .one had to go through steep escalators to reach train area and also had a lot of sombre tired brooding people slightly frightening .
Singapore Taipei and Hong kong were boisterous safe and fast .
All one needed was to know which side one was headed to , which coloured line , where one needed to get down and most important which exit was ones !
The last bit was little difficult for me in HK for a direction ally handicapped person like me .
Sruthi my daughter who came with me to HK is a born metro navigator all I needed then was to follow her like a little lamb .
In Istanbul metro the issue was language
As I alighted from the Airport i went to metro station inside it .
Information on routes prices were all in Turkish
All the  questions answered by other busy passengers were also  in Turkish. They even nodded in Turkish !!
Finally I did an ekalayvan
I watched one man carefully press the machine for his ticket so intently that he kept patting his wallet in his back pocket suspecting the slimy Indian behind who seemed to be very intrested in his posterior  !!
And so after he got his ticket and turned back when I gave him a loving smile of gratitude he ran a mile !
Of course to my readers my views are strictly straight and I had no intrest in behinds the only one intrest then was to print a ticket .
I followed steps got a ticket and in two minutes was in a speeding train .
Then it dawned on me which station was I headed to ?
was it really where i wanted to go ?
I may land in another end of a big city .
So I showed the ticket to a walrus moush nearby , there was some movement behind the bush or moush who finally made me understand I could get down at the end of the trip almost an hour after .
I did that and when I walked out was delighted to see the Haga sophia , the very heritage area where I had booked my hotel .
Taipei too has a very good metro service
Singapore and KL these days I know pretty well

Of course I am yet to travel in world famous undergrounds like New york ,London , Tokyo and Moscow .
Above all Iam looking forwards the most to the metro in my home town Cochin which will start any moment and shortly it will come right up to my house in Thripunithura at Pettah .

Monday, February 13, 2017

State of Cinema

Tamilnadu had always been a state with high passions .
 cinema was a part of its fabric .
With Madras being the center of south Indian cinema  five decades back cinema produced not only  heroes on its screens but also off the screen .
It was never restricted to actors but involved script writers , musicians ,lyricists ,story tellers and so on .
Cinema and politics were a combo with great alchemy.

Starting from the patriarch saint and founder of Dravidianism Sri Annadurai who rose to become a chief minister ,his proteges one the  highly intelligent poet script writer par excellence dark glassed guttural voiced Karunanidhi the founder of the quintessential image of the Tamil politician and the other his total opposite the good looking rosy skinned rippling muscled dashing hero M.G.Ramachandran .

MGR had enough intellect to checkmate karunanidhi to start a new party on Annadurais demise to wear his mantle of the emperor of Tamil passions and the chief minister of Tamilnadu .

He had droves of women who followed him like a pied piper  and one of them was a lissome nubile beauty and a Tamil heroine ,intelligent and articulate in convent educated English .

She  managed to conquer his heart in spite of a wife at home and so like prof Higgins in my fair lady he went on to train the much younger Jayalalitha to groom her to be his successor .

 Drama swept the state again on the demise of the great MGR who once even withstood a bullet fired by a reel villain M.R.Radha and lived to tell the tale .

Jayalalitha had to face ignominy and  insults on her mentors disappearance as her enemies the estranged first wife and her cronies managed to push her out of the funeral cortege on live TV .

These lasting images of a woman tarnished of her honor brought her into limelight in the next election where the drab first wife was summarily rejected by the populace to seat Jaya  as the chief minister.
Cinema again !!

It was during these heady days a mousy looking middle aged video cassette seller women by name Sasikala was introduced to Jaya who by now had the mantle of a mother or Amma to her party men and was slowly turning into a one women power point in the state with her party men prostrating ,crawling and creeping on her feet .

This abject sycophancy was encouraged in the party
Sasikala quickly wormed her way into Jayas inner circles meta morphing from a live n maid of an unmarried lonely leader of the masses to a dear Friend and  confidant and finally became even  a sister who wore similar dresses and jewelry like her mistress did !!

This was the era of extravagance in Jayas rule with crores spent on a wedding of an adopted son who was incidentally the nephew of the maid turned sister whose tentacles of power were slowly entwining the state .
All this angered her voters who kicked her out of poor in next election .
Wilderness to a politician used to power is a misery specially when dark glassed villains with grudge occupied the CM gaddi .

And one day in the august assembly the fair maid Jaya was humiliated by sari pulling by an opposition MLA a sort of modern day Draupadi act and Jaya vowed to get back at dark glasses and company .

During these bad times when a lonely Jaya licked her wounds maid friend sister Sasikala was at hand to give the salve thus earning eternal gratitude of Jaya ..

The bounce back of Jaya in next election got dark glasses in real trouble as Jaya ordered a vengeful midnight arrest of a panic stricken howling frightened karunanidhi  cried out
they are killing me ayyo in live TV
Cinema again !!

Once her vengeance was satiated Jaya turned into administration while Sasikala and coterie slowly started amassing wealth .

Many were the stories whispered
People with lovely houses and prime land were called to Poes garden house of Jaya in the guise of they being called by a busy CM and in her absence threatened by covert threats to sign away their properties .
In the Government the maids husband was on a spree of minting money by any means and stocking it in the vast Mannargudi family coffers who all become the sudden rich .

Jaya wary of another defeat dismissed Sasikala who was smart enough to worm her way back into Jayas good books promising to distance herself from her husband and his caucus .

But in the background she kept appointing people known to her on several positions thus preparing herself for future positions .

And then its all a grey zone .

Jaya admitted in Apollo hospital under scrutiny of a Sasikala who never allowed anyone to see her even the Governor the caretaker CM and several VIP s

Health bulletins told her anxious supporters that she was ventilated and was being monitored
In two months Jaya was declared dead and quickly buried by the side of her mentor and lover MGR
There were expressions of suspicions as people noticed small holes in neck used in embalming bodies
Did Jaya die or was she killed as whispers told
Did they just do an act to buy time
Strangely the center armed with intelligence systems in place maintained zen equanimity with the PM even patting a demure Sasikala as an act of condolence !

So in a huge live funeral the body of Jaya was slowly lowered into the sands of the marina with all neck holes intact .
In days Sasikala her maid moved into Jayas house and her mafia family moved around like a pack of stray dogs in the state .

Now comes one more character by name OPS the humble tea shop owner loyal AIADMK party man trusted confidante of Jaya who was appointed as CM while maid Sasikala became party chief .

Within days OPS with his humility and hard work image was called to the Mannargudi den .

He came out as a resigned CM and announced that Sasikala would wear the CM crown from then on .
But drama and climax starting now
The next day OPS went to Jayas burial place and did a zen Buddhist bout of meditation at the end of which he went into an orgy of confession and informed the populace on how the Mannargudi mafia akin to Sicilian mafias had threatened him to resign and to leave the CM chair to her .

He also touched on how fishy Jayas death was though ignoring his silence till date of this vital matter .
The female don Sasikala flocked her MLA hens to a luxury resort near Chennai where they were kept happy in an orgy of liquor food and the rest so that she could exhibit the worthies to the Governor as her passport to power.
The Governor went into suspended animation probably part of Chanakyan manifestations from center and OPS smiled at this turn of events
The rest will be written as the story unfolds .

Miracle cures

The miracle cures
This beliw video is a  practice session of a faith healer to fool public .

When the preacher shows his hand the supposedly sick in the audience fall down and get cured !

These are paid actors who rehearse before they fool the public .
Seeing this more people will believe hes doing miracles .
In a tamil movie kamalahassan does an excellent impersonation of a cerebral palsy person stumbling , falling ,somersaulting , drooling , his way  to the faith healer who in front of a huge crowd utters mumbo jumbo and touches him
kamal falls down with a thud to wakes up cured

The next scene he is shown arguing with the faith healer about money paid for his excellent acting .

Its a clear case of cheating and conning stupid gullible people , with a law that ignores such activities .
The sad thing in india people fall for such rubbish .
Of course its not restricted to one religion
There are several fake swamis swaminis and charltans from all religions doing this .

The media which benifits richly by sponsored shows and advertisements help in  spreading the message .
With money flowing in from abroad to that one country in the world which is an ideal one for such activities these con men have deep pockets .
some even own their own TV Channels .

Theres no restrictions or monitoring by the state on such falsehoods .

By donating liberally to politicians and parties they are safe under the  law .

Its the poor the needy the sick mentally unstable those under stress and a lot of normal people who fall into traps by these cheats .

These powerful preachers and swamis have goondah and thugs to frighten anyone trying to bring out truth .

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