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Friday, February 20, 2015

Doctors Union

It was in the nineties ,

We were running a clinic in Cochin west, for more than 10 years then and we had reasonably busy practice.

Strangely We were one among the many couple doctors who practiced in the same area, yet to know why so many couple doctors were attracted to the place

Palluruthy is a thickly populated middle and lower class locality with a sprinkling of upper class  and hence many of us had very busy practice

Most of our patients used to think we doctors keep among ourselves specially since we were all competing for the same clientele but it was nothing of the sort,

we were all quite close and used to meet often laughing at the common tribulations we went through in our day to day practice ,there was no rat race at all and we even went for short picnics together on and off ,some among them are still our closest friends .

Family medicine is a bit different from hospital practice one needs lot of communication, patience empathy and listening and in turn one receives trust

I had written earlier on this


To make the story short our bete noirs were the local small time political pests who made a beeline to the clinic whenever they needed money as to everyone squeezing a doctor was a fair proposition especially in Kerala

Malayalee’s in general probably fed by their breast milk of trade unionism felt Doctors to be bourgeois and it was all right to squeeze one when it was opportune .

So every other day small coterie of mundu or lungi clad inveterate would barge in between patients never waiting in line with an officious look on their vacant faces

We had to bear these mosquitos as much as we had to the real ones in Cochin

We learn to grin at both

“ Daktar , so busy , I see making lot of money from all our poor sick is it? “

One of the morons would ask while the others would wear their imbecile looks

“I thought I was treating them “ me  

“ Oh whatever anyhow daktar we have our state committee meet coming up ,

have you heard about it ? “

As if one could not live without hearing of this earth shaking event

“ Well haven’t actually but saw several posters and assumed it should be one of those “

“ Never belittle our revolutionary conferences my dear doctor we decide on how you all should live”

This was delivered with a hint of….. don’t be smart guy ….in it ?

“ Oh yes I can see that “

He continued with a frown on his face

“So how much should I write the receipt for is it two thousand or five ?”

“ Oh don’t you have receipts of   hundreds ?”

“We may but it is not for your ilk who regularly milk the working class of their blood just because they have some fevers “

 “Oh and I thought I remember you coming and thanking me for  making your child with primary complex better last October now its only fever is it ?or is he not having working class blood ? “ me

That made him quiet

He just wrote a two thousand rupee receipt collected the money and walked off with his sorry flock of parasites


So this was the routine not only for our clinic but for every doctor in that area

We decided to do something about this and planned to start an organization to pay them back with their own medicine

We decided to call it Palluruthy  Doctors forum ….PDF in short and as UDF and LDF the two main parties were known to even babies PDF would be easy for their small minds to grasp

We even registered it and made official bye laws etc

We hung a notice in every members clinic stating that as members of PDF from now on no donations can be given by its members individually unless it was below 20 Rupees and that all donation seekers should send an application which would be discussed in the following executive committee which met once in 2 or 3 months and decision would be made to give from the common fund ,any harassment of individual members would  be opposed by the organization

All very legal and high sounding and written to impress in the language those nincompoops would understand

The next time the same group came for a collection I just pointed to the board and also handed him a copy of the same
“Oh so you doctors became clever is it ?”

“Oh no how can we? when you are all around we just following your footsteps to organize “
“In fact we are planning to have a state working committee next month how much would your party give ?”

This shocked the idiot
“Doctor we need donation now how long will it take ?”

“ Maybe two or three months we people unlike you are quite busy you know and we have no time to meet often so next meeting we will deliberate on your application and maybe give you something after say 6 months “

“ But if it is twenty rupees I can give you now “

He grinned foolishly
“Ok doctor after all you serve the poor so you can give that twenty no problem “

Yes I know every paisa is needed for you guys to go straight to your toddy shop I thought

And thus ended our harassment
We still laugh over those CDF days


Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The world of Selfies

The moment of discovery that smart phones can turn their cameras to click the person behind the camera can be considered as one as historical as much as the discovery of the camera itself .

Suddenly the hidden figure who clicked others and the world at large found to his delight that he could now become the prime image of his device!

To all the narcissists peering at the mirror and asking the question tell me who is the most beautiful among us? The selfie  was made to order

Suddenly the clicker gained independence no more d id he have to rely on unwilling or uninterested neighboring help to click his sad face ,he could do it himself or herself anywhere and with anybody he favored

Selfies with celebrities became the rage and selfies in a crowd of happy friends was a delight

Selfies with varied landscapes during travel was an addiction

As the newer phones brought better quality of their front cameras with better resolutions and easier focusing, selfies are clicked in millions and posted to the cyber world in seconds

The art of selfie taking itself is still new and there has been no strict rules and commandments laid out so far

I would define the right selfie moment as below

The mechanics of a perfect selfie is that the click should be done at that nano second of the right expression adorning the selfed face and not in the penumbra  of anxiety before and after that single point in time …one could term this as Haris selfie commandment one

The wrong moment of taking selfies gives comic results

 Some appear as if they are crying with their face sad and dejected, others appear weird trying to look at the camera and looking away from it at the same time

Some try to fit in the back ground so well that they lose their own head or eyebrows or some other vital part

Some are angry and stare with a fury

celebrity selfies were made a rage by Obama taking time off a not very right occasion for taking selfies poor Nelson Mandela after having been incarcerated by the imperial powers for years and after getting freedom from the whites becomes a world celebrity only to die and have a fellow black celebrity leader gleefully clicking away with good looking presidents of other countries instead of crying his heart out Nelson would surely have squirmed wherever he was then

somebody else did squirm then and that was Obamas wife who was furious with her husband behaving like a juvenile whenever he saw a pretty face and like a school boy sitting in the back benches he with his new found face and another leader went about clicking selfies and the next thing we see is a sullen Obama shifting his seat away from the said beauty and a stern wife sitting in between with an expression of you come home for the rest

President of the US of A may be the mightiest man in the world but you know what happens when you are married at home you are just another married  mouse!

And then came the selfie stick

With this came further liberation the angles were better the anxieties were lesser and on could take better selfies

With remote buttons and more sophisticated sticks which shortened could be put  inside pockets and could be used as a weapon if needed

And so the selfie addict goes on clicking his way to glory

Monday, February 16, 2015

My Angel

I still remember Mr Peter who taught me in seventh Standard ,he was a terror for us
He  taught us mathematics  if I remember correctly ,
he used to wear sunglasses most of the time as he had some eye problem ,coupled with that he was known to get angry quickly and used to even make fun of us having nicknames for each of us of course all this was in jest to make us good I realized later but at that time he was one of my childhood night mares  .
I lost my dad quite early in life when I was just 10 years old ,though he did not let us in penury and provided us with enough comforts for a decent upbringing my mother wanted to be independent of her relatives who pressurized her to move to our village in Kerala and this was something she would not do as she knew our education would not be the same as in Madras
what a great mother she was !

So even though we had literally a palace in Parappanangadi my mothers place in Kerala we stayed put in Madras in a middle class locality in Mylapore very near to my school the Santhome High school today the Santhome higher secondary school .
There was nothing we did not have and both me and my elder sister were quite happy with a house that my dad built in another part of the city providing us rent and we also getting his family pension regularly .
I still remember me  standing in que in my half shorts in the Tamilnadu secretariat for the family pension renewal as my dad had been an employee there before he left us all so suddenly .
i rememebr travelling by bus to Kilpauk to get rent from our tenant wo would pin it in my shirt pocket so that it wouldnt be picked in the bus ,it did happen once as a finger tried to sneak into my pocket and i clamped on it and he swiftly disappeared .
I learnt early

Childhood without a father is a bit painful specially when every time a new teacher comes or we enter a new class we had to introduce ourselves and the first question those days was
whats your dad doing ?
I would shrink from this sorry question and pip meekly
 I dont have a father ,
some would tut tut while others had even asked and how do you live !
one sir had even declared Harimohan is a poor father less boy !

So the time came once when the teachers decided to come to each home to collect a donation for some fund ,I dont remember but it was for some building and the personal home visit was to garner huge donations ,
our school generally did not do that but it had a fair sprinkling of reasonably well offs too and it never collected extra money so fair enough .

I knew my mother was quite careful with spending money  so I warned her not to give sob stories of losing her husband and just give what they ask specially because Peter sir was supposed to come to my house with others and he would not budge without getting the dues .
he is very strict just give what he asks ok I  told
she just nodded her poor head
the D day came ,
I welcomed all of them inside
please come sir please sit down sirs
My mother came and folded her hands
hows Hari, sir in studies ?
Hari is ok nice boy not very keen on sports but good in his writing
even those days to me reading a book or writing was more interesting than playing cricket and I shirked PT classes as much as possible .
Madam we are needing some funds for the school building and we need all the help we have marked a minimum amount for every parent so we came to collect it .
My mother said
we are not poor sir we can manage to give that amount its not a problem but I do not know if you are aware that Haris father left us all when he was 10 years old and I need to have a tight control on my purse ,Iam sure you will understand
her eyes were filled when she said this

I was shocked
I knew it was the disaster I did not want to happen
I dare not look at them now
Peter Sir would  punish me for sure
I was near Peter sir then

suddenly I felt a warm hand caressing my hair
no madam nothing needed we are sorry we should not have troubled you
your looking after your children against all odds is a lesson to all of us
may God be with you and your family

He looked at me and said Hari you should study well to be a worthy son of this mother of yours who loves you so much
saying this they left

My mother looked at me and said sorry Monne ( son )

no Amma I know I know said I

I still remember Peter sir my nightmare who turned into an angel that day

how much memory teachers leave on us even after decades

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mallu mouth

The great sickular state of Kerala is overjoyed at the way things have happened in Delhi ,loss of face to BJP is like a good hartal gone well for Kerala
so the media goes about with catchy phrases like the lotus being nipped in its stem ,the great march of BJP halted ,and reverse of BJP fortunes from now on and so on and so forth ,
its great expert commentators are falling over each other to declare the death knell of the party they hate the most and the man who brought i...t to the top ,
They rant and rave
its because of their arrogance ,its because of their not doing anything ,the great Indian public has seen the true face of BJP
what vocabulary brilliance !

I feel God when portioning intelligence gave to the Malayalee a great gab but not enough sense to speak the gab !
he is excellent in reeling off in pure malayalee exuberance ,
words come out of his mallu mouth with no stop and like a mimicry artiste he can gab for hours
don't ask what he means but ,mostly he doesn't mean much
the very people who have patiently borne a Government which has done nothing since its inception instead of fighting amongst its own coalition partners with the choicest sound bytes filling the TV day in and day out ,jumping from scandal to scandal the Government has not even the ability to build toilets in girls schools leave alone managing a state
bankrupt and begging it bumbles along and the great media of this state now espouses on a Government which in 8 months has done more than 6 decades of ineffectual impotency by the previous Governments be it in the defense ,foreign ,financial sector ,perceptible changes like bank accounts for every citizen ,no nonsense approach to Pakistan and China strengthening of internal security better foreign relations and investment climates stricter timings for government offices
all this had already happened ,
when did we have any Government that worked in this country ?
leave alone Kerala where the people are happy with only the two morbid parties that keep juggling their power seats in alternate periods and their fates like ping pong balls
.,and now the same media is going ga ga just because a tiny place like Delhi has been lost to a maverick who will show his true color shortly and declare it as a Modi stopper ,
stopping Modi ( read not BJP ) will only make our country fall into the loop of having none with vision or dedication and our country will be the losers
So guys and gals be smart and start thinking after all you are in news in media and you have to think with your heads and not with your mouths
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apothecary film review

Malayalam film Apothecary ( drug man ) is a take against corporate hospitals and their squeezing the gullible s .
It is just one bunch of stupid lies taken by someone clearly biased and not serious enough to take a good medical film .
Its about a poor young man who reaches a posh hospital to see the famous neurologist enacted by Suresh Gopi who is portrayed as a mechanical physician who never bothers about his patients finances and is only interested in the medical part of it... ,while his hospital has at its helm a couple of greedy investors who force the doctors to become masked thieves and cheat the patients and force them into clinical trials so that a famous multinational company can make loads of money from the poor patients ,how convenient for keralas philosophy of the poor downtrodden s
the trials are depicted as night mares in the imagination of the director who caters to the crowd in Kerala who throw stones or manhandle doctors whenever they get an opportunity ,
maybe he should have taken Aamir khan as the hero instead of Jayasurya for Aamir with his constant diatribe against doctors in his TV show would have done it from his sodden soul .
The director tries to make it convincing by making the poor patient suffer from Trigeminal neuralgia which incidentally is a face innervating nerve inflamed
this condition is no death knell and its pain though severe can be treated in any good clinic but our director adds a tumor to it to make it serious and Dr Suresh Gopi advises surgery at the hospital with its astronomical costs which the poor family manages to get
there are scenes with a shaved Jayasurya waiting for the surgery which would make his family lose all money
Another scenario injected is clinical trials in the hospital where patients who cannot afford the bills are made to take part against their will and they suffer pain and torture so much so one of the characters even hides in freezers !
what imagination
clinical trials cannot be done without going through ethical committees in all hospitals private or government and these boards have non medical people in it too it also requires due consents from patients and families ,
the director should know that clinical trials are not area committee meets with paruppu vada and black tea

again most of the hospitals in Kerala in Government sectors are capable of handling all major surgeries free of cost or @ to income of patient so why did our patient not go there
the malayalee who falls into all quick money schemes always hesitates to take medical insurance with a small premium
instead of encouraging people to take health insurance and impart good facts the director makes it a melodramatic horror film with the medical men in it depicted as blood sucking vampires !
unadulterated rubbish

Monday, January 26, 2015

Real life hero

It was in late seventies
My second visit to Bombay , todays Mumbai to my sisters house who was married 4 years back I think .
My bro in law was working in Special steels ltd and initially in East Borivilli a busy suburb , later he moved into their factory in Boisar 2 hrs away in Thane district .
The small town was near TAP or Tarapore Atomic Power station .it was picterisque .
I had got down at Dadar railway station .My brother in law Unniettan was in station to pick me up .
After having some food we moved platforms and got into a Gujurat bound express train for travelling to Boisar .
The train was crowded and as it was a distance of less than 100 km one could not reserve a berth .
Somehow as train moved we both got close to door .
This was good as expect for a small bag slung on my shoulder there was no luggage with us and being near door one was better off as one could get fresh breeze .
Slowly we managed to find a perch near step .with our feet dangling we were laughing away on jokes as train sped along the crowded suburbs .
most long distance trains rarely stop in city or suburban stations the next stop was another 45 minutes off and we expected to find a seat inside by then .
All was fine with the world
We really had fun chitchattering and guffawing .
We never expected a couple of teenage ruffians in the door out of the blue .
Most Mumbai trains have such characters who roam around jumping into train at last moment or hanging from it precariously and doing all sorts of juvenile antics .
These two had come from next compartment nimbly jumping in the speedy train holding window bars .
Now the step we were sitting blocked them so we gave them space to move in .
The elder one stared at us as he wanted us to get in and he wanted them to sit in our place which by now was found to be a cosy perch .
My brother in law told him in chaste hindi nothing of the kind would be done the boy started using strong language and threatened us we just ignored him .
Later he just left with his friend to next compartment and we thought all had ended .
We were wrong .
Those were days when Mumbai was gripped with Shiva sena activism and there was a lot of animosity against south Indians .
In the next station a couple of huge thug like men got in and stood around us
The two ruffian boys were with them too they pointed to us
Ye dono madrasi he
The gang leader started his diatribe about how south indians cannot afford to be arrogant in amchi mumbai
After grabbing thier jobs do we want thier seats in trains too he was gesticulating wildly
I was worried as I had heard of such things
We were helpless as the crowd in train would not interfere though they watched the drama .
I was quite as I did not know language and was also frightened
My bro in law too was quite but he was cool and there was no fear in his eyes he just stared back at the fuming fretting guy in front rantling on him .
He never reacted
I tried to whisper to him to apologise or get angry but he did neither but one could make out he was not afraid he was taller and bigger than the thugs but he was no filmi hero to show his prowess and if he had done anything we both would have been lynched by thier followers bound to come .
It was not that all Maharastrians were like this they were very cultured even many in shiv sena were patriotic and had no ill feelings against south indians but the party then did use it for some popularity and the baser elements used it to bully south indians for thier gains .
Sadly we unknowingly got into such a situation .
Things were getting worser as the main thug was getting angrier in the non reaction of his victims
he ignored me and focussed on my bro in law who though silent projected clearly that he was not frightened at all and stared at the fellow with disgust .
He asked my bro in law his surname and to talk in Marathi which my bro in law did with ease he then just removed my bro in laws specs and started twirling it as if throwing it out of door
He said I can throw you and your specs out
My bro in law just looked at him with that I pity you
You fool look in his eyes
He fumed shouted almost punched him
I was really worried for him but he just stared back almost challenging him lets see what you can do attitude
Many eyes were on us as drama unfolded but no one spoke out as all were afraid of such elements .
My bro in law was like a saint cooly looking at the fellow almost feeling sad for him
He tried so many tricks to provoke him to get some fear in his eyes but failed .
Finally he gave back the specs meekly
He then said sorry sir
He tried to shake his hands but uniettan never offered his
Again he apologised and with the others moved off the compartment
I was impressed
My bro in law gave me a benign smile
What a great lesson it was for me
never succumb to bullies
Unnietan today is no more he left all of us but his lessons stay with us still

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Andhos cabinet

The cuticle was becoming difficult ,the curve that was needed was delicate and tiresome to achieve Antho was tired
It was raining outside ,no it was  pouring .
He remembered that  he never had lunch today  ,his wife had knocked a lot but he refused to budge from his work ,he stepped outside to light a beedi in the small garden outside the coconut trees and the sunshade above  gave him some cover so he did not become totally wet but still the spattering from the floor made his dhoti a bit muddy ,
he threw his beedi into the rain and  washed his feet in the pipe jutting in front of the door and walked back ,he had to start again he knew he was not satisfied with the curl of that cuticle and he aimed for nothing less than perfection in his work specially this one .

Antho was a well known carpenter known for his elegant furniture items ,
spank cars drove in from Ernakulum city searching for him so that he can make the exquisite and unique pieces he was known for  ,
but that was all in the past for the  last one year no one turned up as Andho rarely stepped out of his house and was stuck in that room with that abominable piece which filled it .
Neighbors had started whispering .
 Mathai the sanitary worker said he had seen a bird flying  out of Anthos  ears one day  !
and that was a sure sign of his becoming loony ,not that he had no reason to become so .

His wife Ely had enough of cajoling him ,
 She too had sat with him and wept for a long time but slowly the routine in life had crept in and she had enough in her hands but Andho never cried ,neither did he talk much these days ,his was just one obsession and he was at it with his hammer and knife most of the time .
 It still was just a hulk and they couldn't get an idea what he was making but it did fill the room more than the grief that poured from him did .

Andhos son the younger one Stanley who got married three years back was living with him in the house ,he had a small child and his wife Rosie was constantly behind the child either running behind his bare bottom  or feeding him mouthfuls of rice ,
Rosie was thin and very fair .
 Up in  the hills where she came from they were fairer not exposed to the harsher sun .
She was from Devikulam near Munnar and constantly complained about Kochis humidity which she found it difficult to cope with ,she was constantly sweaty and harassed and the rains was the only thing that brought a smile to her pinched face ,she hardly gave a thought to her father in law who seemed to be doing something in his room most of the time .A lot of things had happened since he had moved in , her husband Stanley was working as a line man in Kerala state electricity board , his job was on contract and he kept odd times and did some dangerous climbing up lamp posts .
He was never interested in carpentry and wanted to be an electrician but now he had become neither !

He was also upset by his father of late as Andho was not contributing to the family expenses which was mounting as they had to clear the debts from recent expenses  ,
Stanley dreaded to meet Nadar the fierce mustachioed local money lender and his thugs who kept threating him to part with the monthly interests in time .
" Ammachi what does appachan think ? "
 "how long is he planning to be like this he needs to start earning I cant continue lie this Nadar could kill me one day and you will have one more death in this house ,he just stares  at me when I talk to him  what happened to him  ? and your elder son that hen pecked sod  either he is drunk on his toddy or on his wife's bosom  he never bothers about us and how we live
this is unbearable ! "
Andho did hear all this but kept his gaze down on the floor
 the  small crack on the cement floor loomed large in his eyes , have to plaster this he thought suddenly not knowing why !
he again took his hammer to strike home into the mahogany .
how carefully he had selected that wood ,
Jobys shop was not new to him he knew every nook and corner of it and every log there.
 He also knew what he needed the finest of the fine mahogany ,
Indian Mahogany was a prized wood for furniture and one of the best
Joby looked at him
 "Andhochetta what happened to you ?  I know but its so long when do you  start working ?
 there were enquiries now all have come down
 you know times change now there is so much competition  with youngsters with all sort of fancy drills etc who just do things in a jiffy , I know those  just cannot be equal to what you can do with your hands but the market you know  it waits for none ,happy now you thought of working again so who is it for ? got a ready customer  and that too for one made of costly mahogany ?"
Andho just smiled
" Joby I will find the log and cut it but I cant give you the money now after I finish the job I shall "

" Andho chetta not fair , I too have some problems , I almost thought I will take a loan from that Nadar he keeps coming here asking if I want one he knows the banks have turned me down and for all you know it might be his job the wretched greed .
 Chetta you need to pay me at least 50 % what can I do  ?
,Andho just tok off his thin chain with a crucifx and handed it to Job
" Jobby please take this the  rest I shall pay ok ? "
" how can I tell no to you Andhochetta "

So he had pottered around the logs with Nasser and they finally pulled out the log from under a pile carried it to the cutting house and the whole day Andho had spent in cutting it into planks and pieces and   took the logs to his house in a small pick up van and  put it all in the room ,his family watched him happy that he had got some work again
he never answered their questions but started his work immediately concentration written on his face as he drew pencil lines on the wood and sorted them in place this was his job and something in which he excelled .
and so it began the labor of love when he hammered knocked scraped swathed cut made holes smoothened on whatever he made
 slowly bit by bit he proceeded
,he would close the door the moment his job was over as he did not want anyone to have a look at it till finished
 his son also stopped trying to peep as he had enough to think about and was a bit irritated with his fathers strange behavior
Andho would rarely talk to anyone having an occasional cup of kattan or black tea smoke his beedis and once in a day have some rice with fish if his wife insisited he had lost weight he would just grunt and continue his way .

In his mind he could already see how it would shape up ,like a sculptor who sees his creation the moment he sees the stone
Andho had seen the cabinet he planned in his wood when he bought it .

He focused on the filigrees and fine art works ,later he would join the pieces that would be the easy part of course but he took a lot of time on the intricate art work on the borders this is where his cabine would be different from the run of the mill cabinets ,his nimble fingers shaped them from the fine wood which came to life slowly figurines appeared dancing children nimble teens pirouetting their way prancing in happiness it was all in remembrance of the images he had deep in his mind slowly he joined the pieces drilling and nailing them and then cutting the grooves for the glass which he would buy later .
He wondered how as there was no money for that maybe he would just borrow it from Nadar he wasn't worried about anything these days as he only thought of his work and how he would finish it .

he went to Nadar and convinced him to part with some money he needed he knew the interest would be very heavy and was also a bit worried by the sly grin Nadar and his henchmen gave when they declared that they would come for the monthly interests in exactly one month as he counted the rupees .
Andho bought the glass and fixed them now smoothening and polishing was needed he had no plans to paint the wood as he wanted the natural veneer to continue
he also fixed the gold colored knobs and fevicolled some more filigrees into place ,his cabinet was slowly coming to shape like a beautiful model would after the make up
it was a matter of days and he finished striking the last nail and brushing his piece with a fine cloth covered it up ,
his son crept inside took the cloth off  and saw the cabinet
 He stared at it surprised .
" its amazing the best you have made so far whom did you do this for Appacha ? "
"this is not for sale !"
" what and you have spent so much money what will this do in this house and it fills the room too incidentally have you ever thought how you will take this out for you cant use this room if you don't as there is no space for even standing comfortably with this here "
 "why don't you want to sell it ? "
Hhe saw tears welling in Andhos eyes he knew why his dad had built this with so much care it was for his beloved daughter who had left them last year .
His sister had died of an unfortunate illness .
 it started as a simple fever but later she developed viral encephalitis and as she lay delirious in the hospital he had heard Andho whisper to  her in her death bed
 "molle I shall still make it for you and you will be married off in heaven I will make the cabinet for you yes I will  "

 "Appacha I understand ,but we have to be practical we are upto our neck in debts and Nadar has started getting funny ,we need to sell this if we have to survive
she will understand  "

Slowly Andho also knew this was needed and he agreed .
 he knew his daughters soul would be happy he made it for her by now Andho had started working again .

Finally he sold it to a doctor who practiced nearby .
 they managed to cut into pieces to take it out and rejoin it in the doctors dining hall ,

whenever he went to the doctors home he requested to see the cabinet in the pretext of seeing if polish was needed and he would longingly pat the cabinet then

( all names are imaginary the story too is partly imaginary including the photo  ,

the cabinet building after a daughters death and later selling it to me was the only truth here )

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