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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Thrikaakara Temple

Thrikaakara temple .
The only temple where the main deity is Vamana avatar of lord Vishnu .
Vamana is a dwarf brahmin who comes to meet king Mahabali the demon king who ruled kerala once justly and with great honesty and sincerity but the Gods were jealous of his growing powers and Lord Vishnu comes as Vamana to curtail his powers but since lord knows Mahabali has no ego he actually comes to earth to facilitate deliverance of Mahabali from his earthly life to eternal bliss or
 moksha .
The story goes that the dwarf asks the king for three feet of land which the king laughingly asks him to take it as a dwarfs feet is tiny but Lord Vishnu grows to his celestial self and he is so huge that one foot covers earth another heaven hell and rest .
He then asks the king where will i put my third foot for which the king bows pointing to his head and vamana placing it on his head gives him moksha or salvation .king Mahabali requests the Lord that once a year he would love to see his land and people which the lord agrees and thus every Onam its presumed King Mahabali returns to his land dines with his people hence onam is famous for its feasts or sadya .
Thrikakkara temple is only temple in kerala dedicated to Vamana murthy and is said to be the place where Lord Vishnu as dwarf Vamana placed his foot on Mahabalis head .
This temple is ancient mentioned 5000 years back by nammalwar and one of the 108 divya deshams .
There is a Shiva temple nearby whose antiquity some say is older but with no evidence .
Both temples are very ancient .
On Onam day its very crowded so today it was a lovely visit in the rains the temple serene peaceful .
Children learn chenda or temple drums in the temple too .

Kailash ..Mysteries

The mysteries of Mount Kailas
Mount Kailash is a holy mountain for the Hindus who believe that lord Shiva resides in it .Its also sacred for Buddhists ,Jains ,and Bon .
in Sanskrit its called Kailasa which could come from Keylasa or crystal
its supposed to have four faces of Gold ,lapuz,crystala nd ruby
the Tibetian name is Gans rinpoche or precious snow mountain
Mount Kailas is situated in the Tibetan autonomous region of China .
Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rashas thaal are at its foot at 14950 feet .
the larger lake Manasarovar oval like the sun is fresh water very calm has fishes and swans on it and its waters are clear so much so the bottom can be seen ,its about 85 km in circumference while lake Rakhsas thaal is murkier salt water had stromy waves on its surface
Both lakes are the source of many famous rivers like the Brahmaputra ,,Sutlej,Indus and Karnali
Both lakes are separated by a an isthmus
Thousands of Hindu and other pilgrims make a trip to its foothills and take bath in Lake Manasarovar and later circumnavigate the mountain .
One needs to understand Mount Kailash is far beyond the Himalayan ranges in the Trans Himalaya in border between Tibet and china and is a single pyramid like mountain jutting straight into the skies to a height of 6638 meters or 21778 feet .
it is much shorter than mount Everest in Nepal which towers at 8848 meters or 29029 feet .
Strangely when more than 4000 people have so far summit ed in Mount Everest not a single human being has managed to do the same in Mount Kailash .
Ancient texts say 900 years back Buddhist saint Milarepa was the only human being who stepped into its top .
Milarepa was born to a rich Tibetian family but after the death of his father he and his mother were driven off thier house by cunning uncles and had to stay in poverty ,his mother asked him to learn the art of sorcery to take revenge on his uncle ,he studied the blak art for many years and showed his revenge by destroying the family and the village by magic diirected hail storms .
Later Milarepa regretted his practicing the evil art and went to spirituality studying under several masters for many years living a life of austerity .
Mount Kailsh can never be stepped on by a human being says old Buddhist texts for its the abode of Gods the very place where ;lord Shiva resides and only one man has been allowed to do so as a path to his ultimate nirvana .
This may sound silly but the fact is many who had tried to climb the summit have found failure over the years and had to return back .
colonel Wilson one of the early climbers who attempted same said after the foot i found the mountain insurmountable thoguh i did find a path but the moment i ascended snow fell very thickly and my further climb was impossible .
one should realise these are trained mountaineers who have climbed snowy peaks for years and a simple snowfall would hardly make them accept failure ,its best described by the Russian mountaineer Sergei Cistakov who managed to start his climb with his team ,
suddenly i felt I did not belong there ,this was no mountain to climb and i was treading on something very sacred and prohibited ,i was filled with interminable exhaustion and lassitude i could scarcely move or budge my whole body was leaden it was not lack of oxygen or altitude sickness for we had climbed greater heights it was not possible to explain we just felt we had to return back the moment we decided and turned back into descent we felt light happy and liberated with all the uncomfortable forgotten ,even though we failed we returned happy .
this has been the experience of many more mountaineers who attempted ,Reinhold Meissner the famous mountaineer was requested by china to attempt to summit it ,though he did have plans to do so he refused it in the last moment
in the eighties a group of American climbers did try again but returned back after some time strangely thier hair had grown white and nails grew interminably long and they all dies shortly after .
mount Kailash is also said to be the creation of extra terrestials eons back and is said to be a hollow huge pyramid ,strangely it has some similarities to the mysteries of stone henge in England ,the pyramids of Egypt and Peru man made creations
its 6666 km from Stonehenge and double that a distance of 13332 km to Antarctica and also 666 km to Arctic pole ,in short it is sid to be at the center of the earth and is likened to the mystical mount Meru .
Pilgrims go upto Manasarovar lake by different routes by road or by helicopter ,later after performing rituals and ablutions there proceed to foothills of the mountain to circumnavigate the sacred mountain which is called Parikrama a distance of 52 km .
this take three days and involves hardy climbs snow filled passes like the Dholma pass with rarefied air and pilgrims have difficulty because of altitude and less oxygen after a difficult descent in second nay they return to Manaosarovar by third day and then back to their countries .
We plan to go to this sacred mountain in august as part of a troupe do parikrama both if God willing
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Sanju and Njaan mary kutty review

Saw two excellent films in theater this month .
Malayalam film Njaan Marykutty where the hero Jayasurya dons the role of a transgender albeit an educated one desirous to become a Sub inspector of police .
the rigors he has to go through and the humiliations society heaps on him is well depicted but there are always some who sup[port the right and i the end he wins the unfair fight using his intellect and perseverance .
Such a role is not easy one could slip into vulgarity or self pity or tragic comedy but jayasurya has echoed a very sober subdued personality and acted with dignity and aplomb and its an eyeopener to the hard world of Transgenders
The second film is a biography of Sanjay dutt the actor accused to be a terrorist and had long hard prison terms ,born to celebrity parents and loss of a loving mother in his adolescence and a disciplinary father from whom he could never get acceptance Sanjay dips into drugs on off and goes through the rigors of de addictions ,finally when he hits off as a cinema hero crime and his association with slimy underworld and misplaced sympathies make him a target to be used by anti nationals which is what the film says no one knows the real truth ,with criticism of glorifying a criminal if we keep that part of it apart and not consider the film as a testimony of truth of Sanjay we can appreciate the superior ability of the director who handled this very difficult contemprory and controversial biography of his favorite hero
Most scenes start as flashbacks and later we get so immersed that we forget its a tale being told when we get back real pat should go the director indeed Raj kumar hirani has once again excelled after that wonderful munnabhai series .
Ranbir kappor has done a very impressive impersonation of a likable sanju at his different ages and the final song when he dances with the real sanju is cool too
the surprises are seeing a tired Manisha koirala who lived her role as Nargis and AR Rehman delivered as usual his songs with panache only he can posses
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Monsoon magic

Theres no better place to be in during the heavy kerala monsoons in june july .
Theres an explosion of green everywhere .
Dripping water droplets from freshly bathed leaves shining like a new born baby .
The flutter of wings as birds joyfully flow in the drizzle of the dusk back to thier cosy nests to feed thier cackling young thier crimson red greedy throats wide open .

The rain waxes and wanes like the aaroham avarohanam of carnatic musis at times pitching in with so much force that small rivulets become gushing rivers but at times gently fall on the wet earth caressing it like a lover meeting his beloved after a seperation .
The rivers are angry and roaringly ferocious as the water laps the bridges where lonely buses cross precautiosly .
The sun knows its beaten during these times as its vain attempts to shine forth is defeated by dark clouds pregnant with rain .
Its a waterworld with roads full of potholes but looking smooth filled with brown water which covers the holes and mounts with marxian efficiency .
The waves go large and bobbing boats show glimpses of wet fishermen struggling  in the rain by glimpses of lightening flashes .
The butterflies twit in haste before being brought down to the crowd not by ego for thier lovely coats but by the weight of water on thier backs .
The crickets hum the frogs cry to sing the fly hums and the bumble bee makes electronic music .
Wet men and women reprimand joyous children to get away from the rain to the safety of thier houses tempting them with delicious food .
While the poor paper thier cracks to get over the wet miserable season when they stand on water and get dripped with water .
Wetness is the password of kerala in monsoon where God paints the state with a swathe of colours and admires his pastel creativities .

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Brain on fire

Brain on fire

This is a true story of a very pretty blonde girl Calahann working as a budding journalist in New York post who is liked by her boss for her dedication .
,she is dating an young  musician Stephen
her parents are divorced but she is close to both of them .
suddenly all goes topsy turvy as she goes into trances ,has auditory hallucinations and near accidents ,also gets mood swings and finally develops seizures .
all blood tests and investigations like MRI brain EEG does not reveal anything wrong and she keeps getting worser admitted in a hospital and finally doctors start thinking it could be a psychiatric disorder and she may be moved to a specialized center for such patients .
The parents are adamant that this should not be done as they still feel she has a problem not recognized by the doctors .
one of the neurologists Dr Ms Khan approaches an Egyptian specialist doctor who had taken a sabbatical only for teaching and not seeing patients .
Persuaded by Dr Khan Dr Souhel agrees to see her .
He reaches her bed side and does his detailed examination goes through all reports and tells her that he will try to find out to his best ability the cause for her problem and then treat it .
he gives her a paper to draw a clock face strangely she draws only one side of clock face leaving numbers from 6 to 12
this raises suspicion of dr Najjar souhel who feels the problem lies in one half of the brain and a brain biopsy is needed to find out the cause and treat her .
in the biopsy its seen that she suffered from an autoimmune type of encephalitis called NMDA encephalitis and started on treatment and after months she recovers completely all thanks to Dr Najjar
NMDA encephalitis started to be in the suspect list of many doctors after this
till date more than recorded cases of NMDA encephalitis is there
thinking loud would a PET scan have helped to pick it up earlier
nice film
please see in Netflix

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Saturday, June 16, 2018


A day in the hills with no dead lines

Ponmudi is just 60 km from Trivandrum .

It cannot be called a hill station but it is 1000 mts ASL and had the summer palace of the maharajah of Travancore though it definitely lacks the trappings of a hill station with colonial buildings ,residential schools ,and hordes of tourists descending on its slopes in summer .

Of course tourists were never much encouraged here .

It just had the kerala tourist development cottages more for the travelling Govt officials and of late no one is allowed to reach the top as there were some landslides recently so it was risky .

There are some space and defence installations i think so too .

As I was in Trivandrum i thought will just hop on a day visit .

I took the 8 am KSRTC bus a small one as it was needed to climb the 22 hair pin bends but that was reached after more than 2.5 hours .

I had a good window seat and three chattering engineering college girls going up on an assignment made small talk to me so time flew fast .

Once hair pins started it became cooler more cloudier with drizzly rain .

Once we reached top I walked into the KTDC restaurant had an omelette and a cup of tea .

I then just walked aimlessly along the mountain road .

There was a small rivulet with crystal clear water from hills
Not a soul in sight i just had the cool breeze ,a pale sun ,and the cloudy hills for company .

Chirpy birds ,rustle of winds ,my footsteps , leaves falling were the BGM .

It was solitude at its best

A tango with nature


I was in a trance

Suddenly I wondered what if a lonely elephant or a wandering elephant confronted me !😰
This made me turn back.
Soon I was back in the restaurant tucking in a fried rice !🤣
By 3 pm i was back in the bus with the chattering teens for company 😆
By 5 pm i wasback to swelter land😣

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