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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Thripunithura clock tower

The Thripunithura clock tower or Manimalika is a landmark in Thripunithura near the entrance of Sree Poornathrayeesa temple .
Being the  capital of Cochin state and home town of Cochin Maharajah during the past it had its own time
It was built between 1864 to 88 by Sree Rama varma
Dutch clock makers participated
It has a puppet soldier who salutes every hoir of the day
It is saod Arjuna oprned his poorni or sacred thread hence called poorni thara later after toysl family took up abode here it become yhri poornithura
Arjuna had come here to look for a suitable place to consecrate the Krishna idol he carried and thus came Sree poornathrayeesa temple
This temple toen drips of history and culture
Drums emanate from houses kathakali mohiniyattom carnatic classical music ftom classes halls music college etc
Palaces are so many more like cottages most have only numbers like palace no 13 ..14 etc
Surrounded by backwaters its narrow streets bustle with traffic traditionaly clad beautiful women chirpy children
And with the metro to shortly reach its end here we made a great descision to become a  Thripunithurite

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