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Monday, May 15, 2017

My Mother

What do i say about my mother this day
She loved to study and did for some time in Bombay
She loved english classics tess of d abervilles
Mayor of casterbridge Grimms tales
She loved fun and frolic and cheer
But never knew what all she had to bear

Married at sixteen to my dad
She said then she was very sad
That she could study no more
Those days it was so no use being sore

But she didnt know then the greatest learning would be her life
As she used to say from a man who she was fortunate to be a wife
My dad was intelligent honest patient calm gentle hard working
My mother was young ambitious colourful charming but never lurking

Her impatience was tided by his gentleness
Her anger was softened by his calmness
He taught her to accept and be happy
He taught her to stop being snappy

He taught her humility never grieving
He made her realise simple living
He encouraged her to study more on the side
And she passed matric by his side

She couldnt do more as dad fell sick
And in her thirties he left us all like a trick
An young widow with little children to care
Me ten my sister fourteen is an ordeal to bear

She stood steadfast all alone in a city
For she wanted to give us the best for eternity
She managed our needs
Never giving wrong advices a heed

Today what we are shes the cause
Her life she gave for us a loss
She looked after my children too
Her stories of tess aberville to woo

She travelled wrote wanted to learn computer
She was full of life with no tutor
She gave us the best before she left us forever
With loads of memories and tears which dry never

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