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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The king of vocabulary ...shashi tharoor

Shashi tharoor the MP from Thiruvananthapuram is the quintissential mallu a prodigal who returned to Kerala after a childhood and upto his late middle age living in most places around the world .
His early life in the world of books with an uncle   a senior in the Readers Digest inc and a dad in advertising and journalism would have contributed to his vast instant vocabulary of course augmented by the excellent educational institutions he studied like st Stephens and in the US  .
With a natural talent in writing and  espousing in faultless and intresting oratory coupled with handsome looks a senior UN career there wasnt a looking back in what he did .

So when he came back and plunged into the murky dark slush of Indian politics specially in Kerala which had the major population in it  who prided themselves in being handicapped in the queens language or were those who spoke it with an accent meant to expose thier origins.

So Sasi tharoor with his non cattle class flipping hair life style, impeccable accent and coiuffuered presence made the locals look at him with awe and they  promptly voted for him and his party to power the congress being one of the two possibilities their limited poitical awareness allowed them to do so

And Shasi with all his worldly talents never made a New York out of Thiruvanathapuram but frolicked around like a playboy with glamorous people in a jet paced life .

And now when the skeletons in his cupboards kept knocking he camouflagued facts by verbiosity .

Suddenly all those who looked at him with suspicion stood stunned on that ferrago word from him and rushed to get a dictionary

This is the second time the man is using this method of collective verbal mesmerism
the first was of course his coining the word cattle class for the aaam aadmis economy travels in flights .
And as mallus debate on whether ferrago suits Achumamman or pinarayi Shasi might just be writing another book or pushing the skeletons deeper into the cupboards .
With the kind of judiciary in our country and investigative agencies with most of the sensational cases getting buried along with the victims we all know that none of Arnobs histrionics nor Shasi tharoors verbal magic will make any closures to Sunandas enigmatic departure .
Its just one more thamasha for the nation that wants to know but never will
The sad people in it are of course Sunanda and her poor son
Ferragos will come and go in cattle class

Thanks to  cartoon from online

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