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Monday, May 22, 2017

Murano vase

The Tale of the Murano Vase

Murano island off venice
1.5 km by speed boat
The world famous venetian glass making is centered in Murano island .
Venice has always been known for its excusite creativity in crystals and glass making.
It had families involved in this since mediaveal times
From glasses in churches palaces houses chandeliers that were huge and beautiful which adorned European chateus to fine pieces of art small and big .
It was 1291 that the glass makers of venice were requested to move into an island for them as the furnaces in thier factories always spelt danger in a thickly populated venice .
The families involved were highly respected in society and were eagerly sought for marriage from the most elite rich families of Venetians .
They practiced their art became rich and lived a happy life .
Though discouraged from moving to other parts of the world thus carrying thier art away many still did and today are the most respected glassmakers around the world .
When we were in Venice premila was very particular to visit Murano .
Luckily our hotel had a free transit by boat to the island to its customers as a marketing technique
All we wanted was to see the place and glassmaking process and buy some small souvenuirs .
We reached the island and stepped into the factory that brought us here .
We saw the glass blowing itself a fine art and the creative making of small horses etc .
Like magic figurines came alive from the delicate nuances blowing bending of the hot glass
Flowers small vases dancers animals were all made in a jiffy .
We then were led into a showroom with huge rooms full of Aladfin treasures of very costly excuisite pieces .
And then we both fell in love with one vase coloured bright like a peacock standing proud on a shelf .
The salesperson was quick to spot our intrest and explained to us its make and about its maker who was a legend who also was one of the demonstrators that day
The price in Euros was way above our budget as we never thought we would buy aby big piece .
The owner came around took us to another room showed the piece in detail the play of light on it its colours and its creativity.
We told him we liked it but had two issues
We were still in the second city in Europe and had four more so how could we carry this breakable costly piece around secondly it was quite costly .
He told us i can ship it for you home but it would be costlier too .
We did some Indian bargaining and used our combined charms in making him bring the price down a bit though he expressed the words oh you Indians in a good way .
Finally we did buy it safely securely packed by them stuffed it into a hand luggage and managed to bring it safely to Cochin through Brunei !
The best part we took a foto with its creator
Thats the tale of the Murano vase .

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