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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Lido Show ......Paris

The Lido show
To me any tour through viator has never been regret, especially Lido.
I thank my stars that i booked into this wonderful show which made my evening remarkable,
Paris is a city of romance and love, to go to a world renowned night club with the love of one’s life my wife of 34 years was a treat
i would always preserve the moments when i was at this club and the experience Viator offered me and i would strongly recommend the same for any couple like us .
To start with it was a breezy cold evening and we were told by our hotel in Montparnasse called Novotel that Lido in champs de Elysee was just walking distance away,
i would say the receptionist has a great walking routine which accounts for great distances for Lido was nowhere near where he said ,as we trudged in the chilly evening the only thing that kept us doing it infinitely was the beauty of the city and its twinkling lights of its major roads ,but when a time came that we may miss out on the very purpose of the evening we once again asked a friendly French gentleman who told us to either take a cab ot jump into the metro and get there fast as waking would take hours ,
so we did just that in minutes we took a metro ,and after two stations changed lines and traveled for around nine stations before reaching George v metro station
Paris metro bought us to Champs Elysee road the ultimate in fashion glamour and glitter ,on one end we could view the famous Triumph DE arch and on both sides were the most elegant showrooms restaurants and studios in the world ,
Lido was right across and we quickly went in to give our Viator confirmation voucher,
we were a bit early for the show and so had some time for some pictures for posterity and finally we went in
The show would begin at 9 pm
They opened at 8 pm sharp
Once we went in we were shown our table and a glass of the sparkling champagne was poured
The glowing wine was really mature and sweet
Lido started in 1946 ,it was a post war liberated and gay France which was out to become the pleasure and fashion capital of the world and moved to the current location in 1977
It was started by joseph and Louis Clerico brothers and in 2006 Sodexo the international food chain bought it and invested more than 24 million euro to make the present show.
It was closed between December 2014 to April 2015 to produce the new show choreographed by by Franco Dragone
There are two shows every day and each lasts for one and a half hours Dinner version and Drink version are both available
The famous Blue bell girls are part of the troupe,to be a blue bell girl is a honor and they are selected form all over the world for their height most are six foot tall ,Margaret Kelly organised the blue bell girls and was called as Miss blue bell herself their the dresses and costumes the feathers the rhinestones are all costly and made with taste
There are special effects lighting moving stage and audience areas rain lightening rainbows and its a mix of exotica and a visual delight and a medley of songs and trained dancers to do their bit

There was a Finnish sword swallower
An acrobatic couple did their bit
And a lead opera singer who sang so well in her high pitched sopranos
There were lovely sets with water, fountains etc which changed so quickly and magically
The dancers were all trained ballet artistes
There were hip hop dancers pantomiming artistes etc
The dresses were glamorous colorful many tall fashionable ladies were bare chested but never appeared vulgar
It was highly artistic entertaining and the service was exemplary

I would recommend anyone visiting Paris to visit Lido show .

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