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Monday, May 22, 2017

Doctors in india

How society treats a Doctor in India today ?

I have often heard mentioned that medicine is a noble profession
It may be though I think it’s just another profession which involves dedication, hard work, common sense and ethical behavior as it involves human suffering and lives.
Another common attitude of society is doctors need to be noble!
Now what does that word mean, it means to be fair and have high thinking.

Fine, some among doctors are that but many arent which is but natural considering today's society, doctors who are part of it arent born or bred differently!
Shades of greed, corruption, or arrogance are to be expected amongst them too.
One cannot castigate the whole profession as not being noble, whatever that means.
If we consider medicine as another profession we need to accept the dark and the bright side of it but if we expect an ethereal divinity in doctors we would be sadly disappointed

Now let’s look at how doctors are being treated by the society which expects them to be noble!
Society cannot accept a doctor making money or living a good life or having his own time .
 That doesn't fit with the nobility of their thinking
 How do they pay back the noble souls?
They hit them when anything untoward happens
 They destroy their property, they accuse them and when the doctors get exonerated they just forget whatever they did and continue to expect him or her to deliver in full!
This is from all walks from the powerful and the powerless, the media the law the politician the common man are all mostly united in this.
Why should any doctor who has given a lot of time or and money to become what he is have any loyalty to such a society?
Why should he not have his own time to spend just because a society most selfish in the times thinks he shouldn’t have?
Why can’t he make money out of his skills?
Why can’t he spend it?
He can, and he should ,as long as the doctor has not exploited his patients or cheated them .

Another myth being spread even by the Prime minister of the country is that doctors are prescribing costly branded drugs in collusion with multinational pharmaceuticals and making money and hence the Government has forced it to prescribe only generic drugs ,
Let me just explain how easily the people are fooled even the educated,
Generic means the original chemical molecule
for example if one wants to write paracetamol if generic one can write paracetamol and not any brand preferred by the doctor like Panadol calpol etc which are brands of paracetamol
Now the doctor who is aware of the good companies producing the drug has lost his chance of selecting the same for the hapless patient but the local chemist is now the person who chooses it!!

As India is still not a country where the Government decides on only good quality few generic molecules but has thousands of choices from fly by night operators who make starch tablets with no ingredients to the most pricey high quality ones
And dear patient today that is decided by your friendly neighbourhood mostly untrained pharmacist for you, giving you the good news
Since you all believe in them more than doctors who you feel arent noble and are cheats please enjoy!

Now the pharmacist is going to sell off the drug which gives him the maximum percentage or gifts which may include spurious ones as the drug controllers who monitor him are mostly corrupt too
do you know dear people that anyone can start a drug company with a capsule machine and minimum licences and fill it with starch or chalk powder in this country and call it any name or if i don’t want to start a company there are small one shed pharmaceutical which will manufacture any drug in your name for example you want paracetamol in your name go ahead it can be done like if chandran wants paracetamol he can call it chandramol and it may have paracetamol or sand no worries
this has been going one ,one TV channel showed this recently .
Only filter society had to see through all this was the doctor who is considered as the biggest thief around and so the new rules has given the choice to pharmacists.
But if the drugs produce an untoward reaction or does not act well act then the doctor can be hit or his hospital or clinic can be destroyed hes there waiting to be hit

Without knowing anything of this every small time street corner orator rants and raves of doctors making money on branded drugs
What a foolish country India is

It’s also high times Indians become aware that India is the cheapest country for sophisticated medical care and good skills
Those abroad would know this and understand its value
Most doctors working in such hospitals arent paid that highly and are paid according to their qualifications

The pay of Indian doctors compared to their equal counterpart professionals like Chartered accountants lawyers marketing or IT professionals is much low
Its only highly skilled super specialists who make decent money and they deserve to too
The worst are the junior doctors,the interns , the Government college student  doctors who are treated like scum with unfair working hours unheard in any civilized country of more than at times 36 hours with inadequate rest or food and made to work with high stressed departments with the fear of being physically attacked by mad public at any time or being ranted and raved by illiterate imbecile politicians ministers or their thugs
I saw today in TV the health minister of a state putting on a show in a hospital shouting at the staff for not being in the seat like they were juveniles, these kinds of publicity stunts covers up the gross mismanagement in government hospitals poor infrastructure corruption and siphoning of money by these unworthies

Did the doctors study for so many years and so hard that they should suffer at the hand of such worms?

Most corporate hospitals today are thronged by people
Many of them charge exorbitantly to a certain extent
They do it for profit
Again they are hardnosed business men with investments needed for state of the art care which doesn't come cheap

One cannot compare the private hospitals with Government set ups which are run shoddily not by doctors but by the very politicians the society elects, die for and vouch for and vote for again and again
Why is it their anger is not directed against those politicians and parties who promised them the sky and later made them run to private hospitals,
Do they know that these politicians dont even have their or their family medical needs met by the sophisticated hospitals in the country but go abroad for the same to pay ten times the same amount while leaving the poorly paid overworked badly managed government hospitals for those who had voted them to power?
, why is it that the common man who expects noble doctors shy from  asking them questions
Because they will get back from them in kind,
So they fear power
They can act only against the unprotected poor doctor to vent their frustration
In the process they put off the doctors in a more protective mode and the costs rise further and doctors refuse to take risks and it costs the patient dearly
In a country full of quacks untrained pharmacists corrupt drug controllers health officers and ministers and MLAs thieving policemen and politicians even with a few doctors who are sincere are put off by this stupid attitude of the society
Why should the doctor bear all this?
Why does he need to toil day and night for an ungrateful society which is jealous of his having a good life and expects him to be noble sacrifice for no returns?
Violence against doctors has risen hundredfold with the law looking the other side
Doctors have been murdered blinded maimed hit kicked dragged along the ground stoned by arrogant bystanders and their thugs
Probably the only profession which can be taken up as sitting ducks and that which does not react today is the medical field and doctors in particular due their lack of unity and if this goes on for long they have no other way out but to unite and shirk work
Its then that the society will realize it had killed its golden goose chasing for those elusive eggs

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