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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smart cities and non smart Chiefministers

" Dubai is broke ,they dont have the money for it "
this statement is made not ina dinner conversation but in a press conference by a responsible head of the government of a state in India and remember a state which to a large extent relies on the money order economy from Malayalees who work in the Gulf ,a state that continues to appear prosperous in spite of its blundering idiots who call themselves its leaders .

As an oppostion leader the CM opposed the smart city project tooth and nail calling it a land scam ,after coming to power the government dilly dallied over years meeting with the smart city representatives and now finally the death knell of the project has been laid by the great champion of the people .
The government signed an agreement with Smart City Dubai to develop the Rs 1,500-crore project and operate it. Achuthanandan laid the foundation stone Nov 16, 2007, but the company has not started construction as the government is yet to complete the registration of the land allotted for the project and settle a contentious stamp duty issue. Another hurdle in the implementation of the project is the issue of awarding 12 percent free-hold land to the Dubai-based firm.
One is not fully aware of the real facts ,there may be some truth also in the comments but the point is such abrasive statments of another country are not made by responsible people specially from those states beniffitng from the said country

I was recently watching an interview of an excommunist now working in the gulf who declared his eyes opened after coming here ,he said in the gulf one works hard and is rewarded for the same with no fooling around ,there are no hartals or attimaris here ,you lead a legal life and you are respected and rewarded ,how else can people from more than 200 countries work in harmony .
the Government and the rulers here are visionary and have a no nonsense approach to admisnistration ,

how else can they create this flower from the hardy conditions ,one may explain that it had its resources in oil but with a leadership like ours all the oil in the world would have made no diference .
look at Kerala it is one of the most beutiful places ,it has people with so much tolerance religious amity and adapatability ,are Malayalees not faring well all over the world but in the state
in Kerala no industries or investments worth the name exists
Government run ones are in a shamble
Agriculture has died with labour militancy
Terorrism is growing steadily thanks to political support with communal overtone
Casteism is rampant with politicians pitching on it to build thier vote banks
Every election the Malaylee votes with fervour the same old thugs and thieves
The media is full of thier doings and the avid literate malayalee is starved for more news from the newspapers which he scans with a magnifying glass while downing his legendary chaya
Kerala has the highest liqour sale in the country ,highest suicide rates ,gold is sought for and hoarded with jewellery shops laughing all the way to the banks ,scams ,blade companies and goondaism is rampant
Dowries are the bane of the poor
Education is a mess with politics again corrupting the students compared to other states which are producing ace academics .
Tourism and service indutry is existing in spite of a poor infrastructure only because the country is really Gods own .
and the men who head all this and are responsible for all this have the gall to make such stupid statements .
It is time we remove our clutter of fossils who exist in an era bygone and have people who are really smart and dedicated to lead .

(my apologies for taking photographs from the net and my thanks to the sites )


Unni said...

RED , Green, White, GOC is destined to doom in these hands.

Naveen Prabhu said...

every self respecting mallu will empathise with your views ... sadly most of them reside outside kerala ..:(

Maddy said...

hope things are ok there these days - but then you are in abu dhabi - well, it is great to have 10 B$ to loan somebody else eh?

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