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Saturday, October 17, 2009

seven pounds

A pound of flesh was what Shylock wanted but here it is all about 7 pounds atoning a guilt or to put it differently to calm a sadness of the soul .

Will Smith as the protaganist has done remarkably well

there is a kindness that softens his feutures and a genial faraway look in his eyes that see beyond the horizon .

Ben Thomas an Internal Revenue Service agent has a past that knaws him and happens to meet individuals to whom his heart goes out and the descison to change thier lives remarkably is taken by him

his protectiveness to Emily who has an impending death from heart failure ,turns to love and solace, but time is short and memories are too painful to forget and he does what he plans to do

sorry for this very cryptical summary but to give more would be to destroy the essence of the film

see it with patience till the end you will not regret it I assure you .....


saidas valliyil said...

you should try advertising, wil wait 2 see it(the movie)Any way happy DIWALi to everybody saidas v

Anil P said...

Will Smith is a very sensitive actor.

valliyil said...

hi hari, i will surely hunt for the cd of this movie seven pounds althogh i myself on the look out for a pound of flesh,bye with regards kuttan

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