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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Molest Of Mumbai 26/11

Exactly one year back on this day ten terrorists sent by our neighbour ripped into our country of more than 120 million ,into our premier city attacking its landmarks and causing mayhem ,leaving more than 175 dead and making us lose many valiant security personell and brave officers .
As the lone Kasab waits his judgement in the Arthur jail Mumbai going through the convoluted process of justice in a democratic country when all he requires is a bullet in the head ,
his compatriots who riddled innocents with bullets lie stiff in the morgue of a Mumbai hospital .
November 26 th was a wake up call to our country to a certain extent ,
the government belatedly realised we not only need bravery and valiance in our security forces but also modern equipment and good intelligence .
The terrorists armed to the teeth with grenades ,AK 47 ,and bombs landed in the city hijacking a fishing boat and infiltrated the city in pairs with ease ,
the police force armed with primitive weaponry could hardly match them with courage alone and so they fell like nine pins to our great loss ,
it needed the higly trained NSG commandos whose acrobatic feats were broadcast live into every home by the night to bring the situation under control .
But by then the damage was caused ,precious lives were lost ,porperty damaged, and the terroirsts had inflicted a scar on our honour .
I was able to watch more than two TV channels from Kerala broadcasting special programmes today lest we forget ,
more should be there ,
it sould be part of our education in the school
never can we forget this date and never should it be repeated ,
this is the only way we can repay the dead fo thier sacrifice .
The knee jerk reaction of the government as in any calamity had created some changes in the security set up which is needed but we also have to understand such an operation by terrorists would have been a sucess only with help within our country which is a sad reality .
There have been several news items of youngsters attracted to support to terrorism over the country specially from Kerala ,
proper investigation and disspation of such news is prevented by political parties who thrive on communal vote banks .
This is a great danger and will nurture malignant foces to spread all over
It is the duty of each one of us to be vigilant and we owe it to every Sandeep Unnikrishnans who breathed thier last for us
Never forget november 26th .Never ......


Anonymous said...

Thanks Hari! A seak peak to remember the lost ones and revisit the scars of hatred and cowardice. What comes to my mind is the fact that Are Indian Lives cheap? For Obama who wants China to play Godfather to India and Pak,and Gregory the "Dumb-American" who wrote "Shantaram" for his cheap love for Mumbai and to top it off for Dalai Lama....should Indianlives be lost? Why in the world do we have to seek consensus when we have to undo the wrong on us? What do we need a referendum from the America about the price of Indian life? Are we fatalists, are we cowards or the new Indian-refined in Education, bred in American consumerism and confused in philosophy think "Ahimsa-means wait and watch?? Well,,,if that is it..then God save the country. Wake up India...candle lights and rock bands capture good prime time news...the question that needs to be addressed is whether you will be able to see yoor children safe back from school..when time is lost candlelighting and band playing????? Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavati Bharata....

Dr.Thomas Antony said...

Rightly said, Hari. And what to do about machinery that injects poison into youngsters minds?

harimohan said...

true satheesh and thomas antony

Kannan said...

Hi Hari,

Good write-up. I think we (Indians) are guilty of encouraging terrorists from our neighborhood who sponsors terrorism. Ajmal Kasab would have been executed long time back in any other self-respecting country, but what have we done? We have succeeded in converting the Kasab trial into a big tamasha for all (including our terrorist neighbors) to laugh at us!! Isn't it much easier to kill that s.o.b under custody and be done with him?!! Certainly there will be a furor for some time but it will subside íf the Govt. appoints an enquiry commission to look into this and possibly transfer a police officer. We Indians are good at forgetting things viz.. the hit and run case against Salman Khan, the death sentence to Afzal Guru and now Ajmal Kasab's trial. We are reminded of it only because of 26/11 anniversary.

Shame on us!!!

harimohan said...

my sentiments kannan

Naveen said...

what u said is true .... the tragedy however, is that this emotion will remain restricted to your blog & in the minds of some like minded people .

apart from sense of responsibility & gratitude to the men in uniform we as a nation need to be "professional" ... the police, intelligence, army, NSG ... keep politics & corruption away at least from matters relating to national prestige & security .... i feel,the awareness can come only through a national movement & a sensitive education system .... i should stop here perhaps.. or i'll go on & on :)

Anonymous said...

Even if the emotions are displayed on blogs like these, I hope they will snowball into a revolt. At least start acting on a community level.Hari is doing his bit in his way. How about others atleast having a community watch team. Protect groups around you, you will see the effect in a little while.

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harimohan said...

tks for the first and second but last anonymous comments ,strangely i find the previous anonymous comment creeping in with no sense to the post ,a scam so ignore of late i find this a nuisance in my blog evn some lurid ones which dont fit in at all maybe author approval is a need now in this blog too
tks to everyone else for sharing thier opinions

Anonymous said...

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