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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mayaaaaaaawati the statue

Mayawati mayawati the darling of log aam
her heart in a flutter for kanshi kaanshi raam
Suddenly Mayawati felt she needed lots of statue new
to proclaim to the world the dalit love so blue and true .....

The money ?cash no problem bhai Mayawati se queen
of Uttar pradesh and its millions of no simple means
said she her thundering speeches let them feast on our images
bhai oh b
ehn we will give you lots of mirages ......

we the greats were born only to to uplift the poor
but then we have to start with ourselves for sure
let everyone not stop with water but also have the finest beer
said by me truly like Mary antoinette my peer ..........

Statues are forever and forever
See now we are part of history ,how clever
and how much we make by way of the contracts
depends on how we play
the game with knack and tact .......

Dalits will be Dalits forever but why gripe
when one among them rises above the tripe
so we shall build statues forts memorials and malls
and our name and fame will be shining and tall .........

my dahling depressed downtrodden men and women
look at statues of me and kaansh kaanshi raam often
and then your empty stomachs will be full
life to you and me would then never be dull ........

all are jealous of our statues and memorials and parks
the reason they never tire and continue to bark
Uttar Pradesh may always be in the dark
but for kaanshiji and mayawatijiji it would be a lark .......

so my dear backward class bonded trodden ones
try to emulate us the chosen ones
watch us with our statues having all the funs
but never stop voting for us in tons and tons ..........
bhayyo behnno mayawati se aapke pura log se thanyavaath

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Flowergirl said...

Politicians... what more can we expect, some body wants to use only first class ticket, some body wants 100 ppl accompany them, some body wants valuable vehicles for their "service" to the country, some body wants more body guards, some body wants only "Z"escort .. the list will be endless..

Learnt somewhere that somebody played fiddle when it was burning somewhere...

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