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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sasi Tharoor Twitter comments

When Mr Tharoor was asked if he will travel in cattle class the next time he travels to Kerala, he retorted back saying,
"Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows."
The Twitter comment from our sauve UN returned writer has landed him in neck deep trouble .
when I first heard of this over the UAE Asianet Radio and also the furious reactions from malyalees ,( the show organiser was also totally biased against Sasi Tharoor !! )
I was both amused and sad .amused that the so called educated intelligent Keralite should never deserve that name because they missed the point entirely !
The question asked was a leading one and Sasi Tharoor had the honesty not to change the word cattle into a very diplomatic economy class .
what is wrong in calling it by the same name the common classes are always called cattle class ,that never says people travelling in it are cattle( from thier reaction I do have my doubts )
well moving away from that, the real focus of the furious reaction to this comment by the congress was never this word cattle class which our malayalee men and women caught wrongly and focused all thier revelutionary fervour upon .
it was the word holy cow that caught the congress cow by its udder
this was what made Jayanti Nadarajan see RED ,
after all when the living deity of a Rahul Gandhi travels in Aam janata class in trains ,and his mother the reigning party queen in planes in economy or cattle ( sic ) class symbolising the
GREAT AUSTERITY DRIVE none dare ridicule it
never a congressman at that
never a minister from the congress
and that too somebody who is a newcomer !!
a babe in the woods
where is gratitude gone ?
someone who is not a home bred Keralite
and that too someone who thinks in engleeesh
That is sacrosant !
blasphemy for the great party
unheard of !something
that needed due punishment indeed !
cant afford such comments to become a habit can they ?
"never allow mediocrisy to rise above hypocrisy " the motto of the oldest party in India cannot be reversed

sorry but what a bunch of hypocrites and fools we indians are ?
we have people like Mayawati swindling public coffers to build her statues while thousands suffer from drought and starve ,
we have our own state bred politicians who have dipped thier hands into Canadian business houses and continue to sermonise ,
we have quasi terrorists in the garb of religious leaders who spit fire and fume in public meetings
we have politicians with itchy hands in planes out to grab the nearest good looking female who get aquited to reign as ministers again
we have corrupt politicians ruling us left and right with a rare sprinkling of good ones ,
just because they use the right words and give great speeches to hoodwink us we fall for them

havent you seen movies where the politiican after hugging a slum dweller for a photo crinkle his nose later ?
we believe in them
many really believe these austeriy drives
i dont
let us calculate how much these ministers have been spending for thier office remakes ,
how much have they been spending for thier foriegn trips ,
thier iftar parties
thier phone calls
thier black cat commandos
thier wasted debates inside assemblies and parliaments when they either slouch or walk out or just disappear
how many crores have they swindled in and out of power

the late VP Singh former prime minister used to travel to UK for getting a treatment available in India with his whole family and stay in the most expensive hotel in london for months incurring huge bills paid by the state and he was supposed to be a politiican who fought for the downtrodden the backward class !
( all he did was took the country many steps backwards by his mandalisation and also in the process got a few youngsters burnt to char )just an example
we have so many paswans ,lallus ,and karunakarans
why are we cheating ourselves like this ?
no wonder we never progress because we deserve only such nincompoops to rule us
our country needs educated intelligent people who call a spade by its name and not as something else
I would advise Sasi tharoor to go back and continue being a writer
the country does not deserve specially the congress and specially Kerala state never deserves people like him ,
thier needs are fulfilled by the present bunch and they will always be in the same sorry state
sad but true



Amar said...

Yeah, I agree.Its funny how the tweet is misinterpreted. The likes of Jayanthi Natarajan didnt get the wit and ended up exposing their ignorance. The suave Tharoor, I believe, wouldnt give a damn anyway. The 'holy cows' must have got the goat in Delhi rather than the 'cattle class'. And so the sycophants jumped on.

Nebu said...

The people at large and the party apparatchiks are making a mountain out of a mole hill regarding MOS Sashi Tharoor’s innocent ‘Twitter’ jibe regarding the ‘Cattle classes’ and the ‘Holy cows’. It was an entertaining reply to a clever question. One has to be of the same feather to appreciate a joke of the same and that is what Tharoor realized at his own peril; the difference between his international and native friends. Where has our collective sense of humor disappeared? One should learn to laugh at one self.

harimohan said...

sad but true amar and nebu

Anonymous said...

does we need to spend millions of tax payers money to protect an italian lady and her family..i think its better for sonia to return to her homeland .

Anonymous said...

sasitharoor has accepted a position as chairman of afras ventures ,a company based out of dubai..

mathew said...

thanks for this post..i feel the same kind of frustration seeing the sensationalisation of a innocuous comment...

sree said...

i am mallu lady.... We respect and proud such a genius man like Sasithroor . jealous people commend like this munnottu poku........... njangal kude undu

viswan said...

India is heading towards a developed Nation. Unlike past, the present ministers with their entrusted responsibilities have to work hard almost 18 to 20 hours a day whereby they are bound to part the old and outdated system and it is the Govt to ensure their living in best environment in toto with their niche and position. They need not travel with cattles to boost ‘austerity’. There are several other measures (like corruptionless) to ensure austerity. Approx 130 people either committed suicide or died of shock hearing the tragic departure of YSR. It evaluates the cost of a honest public servant

While every one respect and regard Gandhiji, does anyone now suggest our PM or ministers to represent India in UN or any international meeting wearing a loin cloth, half naked to boost simplicity as did by Gandhiji years before ?

raj said...

If VS Achuthandandan, the kerala chief had to make an apology for using the term ‘patti’ inappropriately on his visit to late major sandeep unnikrishnan’s house, our media and public shouldn’t be any lenient on sashi tharoor on his cattle-class comment as well—its only poetic justice!! Personally I feel it’s the media which blew up the incident out of proportion. However, the media maintained the same standard which is expected off them; their spirits didn’t get bogged down in the glamour of the US educated, UN employed sashi tharoor; no wonder our intellects support tharoor during the hour of need; however it would be interesting to see what would have been their reaction had the same words been uttered by laloo Prasad yadad, their whipping boy!! It’s a fact that malayalee’s sense of humour got deteriorated over the years; its comical to see even the frontline malayalam newspapers coming up with outlandish terms when they translate something from english under the pretext that they are doing word to word translation. Any idea what could be the possible malayalam title for the dubbed version of slum dog millionaire? ‘cheri patti kodeeswaran!!’

harimohan said...

I still feel Sasi tharoor just repeated the word cattle which is in common parlance but he was clever enough not to apologise for holy cows which he has explained off and asked people to look into its right meaning ,
the malayalee has a prejudice against english and think anybody thinking in that language are snobs

raj said...

i dont think so.... many of the noted malayalam poets happened to be english professors in the major universities in kerala!! in fact malayalees have the prejudice that all the english speaking people however snobs they have been in real, are genius!!

raj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
harimohan said...

News to me Raju ,Glad to hear that

shaaaaaaaaaa said...

basically, these r all making moutain out of a mole..... i agree But our 'great intelligent politician' shud hav a minimum intelligence to forsee what would happen out of his comment...... aftr all he is a celebrity.... not a common man.... he should weigh his words.... that is intelligence...

Science Bloggers Association said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
-Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’
{ Secretary-TSALIIM & SBAI }
[Editor- Children’s Poem & Adult’s Poem]

Robin Abraham said...

It was unfortunate to see that Mr.Sasi Tharoor's twitter becaome a controversy.Indian's mindset should be changed.We should take everything in its manner.

Clover said...

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