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Friday, June 23, 2017

my pond

Though this photo is not of the pond in my ancestral house in parappanangadi this looks so much like it .
Unfortunately nothing is left of that for a photo today
During long summer holidays we would troop into it in morning and frolic in its coolness till midafternoon .
Raw mango bites would provide tasty respites
Then we would go back tired and wet to a huge lunch with our mammoth appetites ....
Its the swimming rudiments I learnt then on two hard coconut made float that makes me a reasonably good one now .
The changing room was dark mostly wet and one needed to look out for huge rat snakes there but we boys hardly used it
It was only for the ladies of house
No one else other than the household could use our pond
There was a pipe right in middle of the pond which one could see when water level was little lower and it was said to be connected to the temple pond i really am not sure if thats true .

By end of may the rains would lash the place making it a green forest and we delighted in getting into the water in heavy rains though our elders would ask us to get out the moment they knew .
Even today i love jumping into pool in heavy rain in Brunei probably by this vestigeal association
The pool is generally empty too those times as lightening is a great fear
Well to me that would be a good way to disappear instantaneously into a watery grave !

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