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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rani Lakshmi Bai

Rani Lakshmi Bayi of Travancore kingdom was the Regent queen ruling Trivandrum for eight years as the heir Maharajah was then only 12 years old
 She was one of the most benevolent far sighted ruler too building schools colleges opening female and non caste based educational centers opening temples to all castes ,building roads bringing the railways to state increasing prosperity of state and maintaining safety
,if we compare to the present rulers with her she was far apart more decorous and had better vision .
After Freedom the by then Maharajah had also lost power but the royals at least lived in their palaces quietly and they deserved it but once the Communists took over power they had to show their antipathy to the monarchy ,the Ranis servants started striking and she was literally in house arrest ,they harassed her to no end ,this person who had done so much for the state ,
finally she had to slink away to Bangalore as she was fed up to settle down there with her children
thus after driving her away the political parties ruling Kerala have systematically wrecked the fabric of the state with their aggressive labor stance that not a soul would invest in Kerala spoiling students by injecting malice in the name of politics inciting violence and murders in politics and spreading a culture of laziness
if at all some money had come in it was because of resourceful bureaucrats ,NRI s who spent huge sums as remittances and tourism which succeeded in spite of these meddlers because of the beauty of the state
We really wish the monarchy had continued
read below for her contribution to women progress in those days
the present system ignores such achievements neither do the women who cry coarse of revolutionary movements nor do the school children know about her for their history is contorted where a butcher Tipu sultan becomes a freedom fighter !
picture courtesy blog of Mr Manu Pillai ( if objected can be removed )

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