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Friday, June 23, 2017

Mamamak food

Mammaks are indians both muslims and hindus settled in Malaysia more of Tamils who had migrated years back to work in its palm and tea estates .
They have intermarried with malays and developed an unique cuisine of Malay and indian blend
read tamil indians mostly .
The food places which serve them are called mammaks run by mamma or uncle with K silent
Mammaks are very popular in Malaysia and Singapore as they offer delicious food with comfortable ambience though not of th...e elite kind affordable food and long working hours some open for 24 hours
They have big TV s for patrons to watch matches and WIFI
The main menu is different varieties of Roti or types of parottas
Here they are called Roti kosong
Many are stuffed rotis too called murtabaks like with beef .meat .tuna .egg etc
Some have fried eggs some even maggie noodles and ice cream
Of course one could get spicy curries to go along
Rice based dishes like rice with different vegetables curries sambhar can be taken by ones selection and total cost is billed
There are achaars and pappadums too which are very popular as starters in malaysia singapore brunei etc
One also got sup kambing or goat soup
Sup Ayam or chicken soup
Mammak Rojaks are salads with vegetables potatoe meat and sea food
There is also well known fish head curry
And Assam laksha
Biriyanis are known as nasi biriyani
Of course most mammaks serve malay food like mee goreng etc and thai tom yam soup
Tea tarikh or pulled tea is a big mammak hit in these parts
Somehow itsnt my favourite with its sweet treacly nature as it has loads of condensed milk with tea that is poured from one vessel to another to get froth
Tea kopitam is same using coffee
But mammaks also provide one with good strong Bru coffee nescafe milo and even at times filter coffee which cant stand the original from kumbakonam no way
In Singapore city there is an area near Bugis which are full of quaint mosques antique shops predominantly muslim population of the indian kind
I happened to book by chance once in a hotel in that area hotel Ahuliwal and the evenings was spent on visiting the numerous mammaks with names like zam zam and tucking in even deer meat murtabak
I heard on fridays one could get deer biriyani
I dearly missed that

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