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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Satelmond palace

Dr Valiathan Director of Sri Chitra thirunal Institute of Medical sciences is a well known figure not only as an eminent cardiothroacic surgeon but also as the pioneer who gifted the great institute to the country
this post is only about how he got Satelmond palace in Trivandrum for his institute
Around the seventies when the institute was looking for a suitable place to expand its technology department which later would produce innovative cardiac valves and other specialized equipment's for neuro and cardiac surgeries named as Chitra valves etc ,someone suggested the Satelmond palace on the banks of river Karamana .
This was a stately palace and once the house of the queen of Thiruvananthapuram Rani Lakshmi Bayi who ruled as the regent for seven years as the heir maharajah was still below his 18 years .
This tenure was later called by many as the Golden age of Thiruvananthapuram kingdom as the Rani quietly carried out many reforms ,
After the coronation of the maharajah Sri Chitra thirunal the regent Maharani who was his mothers cousin sister and her family were marginalized
the senior Rani left to stay permanently in Bangalore with her daughter though in a separate house .
It was during this time Dr Valiathan requested her for the palace lying unused for the institute and she agreed but there was opposition form the maharajahs side ,luckily it was the time of emergency and there were moves by the police department to use the building for training purposes and the maharajah too agreed for it to be given to the institute which as Dr Valiathan put it to him that it was better it was a medical institute rather a place where than policemen in shorts underwent training !!
And thus Satelmond palace is not only a part of history it still makes one
pic courtesy Deccan chronicle if objected can be removed

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