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Monday, July 10, 2017

Indian medical scenario

Medicines  and medical treatment abroad are very costly compared to India .
most of our people do not realise this when they complain of high medical costs and fleecing .
unethical behaviour of health professionals and greed to a certain extent is true too ,but it is also true modern evidence based medicine with its advantages is costly .
The next question is how can this reach the masses who can ill afford such costs ,the answer should have been that the democratically elected Governments will provide that for its subjects but we all know that they have no time for such issues and have no plans for such welfare measures on the contrary their misdeeds are the cause for the apathy of Governement run centres .
The next answer is to dole out charity by the barefoot doctor technique which means one never gets state of the art medicine .
there is still a way out which is medical insurance ,
Indians have very poor awareness of medical insurance ,They spend money for buying jewellery ,marriages houses clothes or trying to get rich quickly by short cuts thereby losing money in the process and even insure  thier lives vehicles and property but rarely do they take medical inusrance for themselve or thier families
Actually To the rich and the middle class this is not a big deal as one could take a family insurance at an younger age with less premium .

To the poor the employer or the Government should be forced to pay a part of the premium and thus every one should be universally insured so that they can avail the best in medical care
most of the time people complain about high cost of modern medical care
they should realise India provides the cheapest and best medical care in the world
A PET scan in India would cost approximately 20000Rs while same anywhere lese is 200000 rs
no medical tablets are given lin oose abroad  only as a strip buying a strip of paracetamol could cost a months Indian  wages for an Indian if he is abroad !
If i buy my antihypertensive medications in India instead of where I work it would be ten times cheaper
my cousin from Quatar recently called me up for abdominal discomfort and over phone i advised some over counter medications which he bought and was shocked at the bill ,it was about ten times that in India and all the extra tablets he bought had to be stored
so instead of bashing up doctors or complaining about the healthcare system in India all the time  people should shake themselves get out of the Governemnt hospital mentality  and its ill managed efficiencies into getting good medical care with medical insurance
India has issues too
Quality control is poor and anyone could manufacture a drug with ease in India which is dangerous ,it is the onus of the government to tighten quality controls and avoid spurious drugs .
so please take your medical insurance
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