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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Monika our friend

Slim, and svelte and smart she is
All who know her in her absence will miss
Her patients her nurses her friends
And all those whom she tends

Delivering babies is her job
They come out with a smile and not a sob
Day in and out she listens to tummies
As they shine with their plummies

Donning a mask she becomes a surgeon
Cuts and nicks like a prize sturgeon
She is calm cool and collected
As a good doctor always   elected

Be it Delhi, Kanpur, Brunei, or any other place
She always does things that amazes
Lot of friends and tiny tots
Will Love her always on the spot

And in distant Melbourne city
Where now She does her Gynec  bitty
Thoguh her family is far away
 Her mind is always  in their sway

The shining knight in his horse
Galloping  like  thunder with no remorse
Will  reach her all in right time
 we all sing to that in collective rhyme

Monika the dear for many of us
Wishing you the best with not a fuss
May you reach the sky and the Mars
Awesome Heights to touch the Stars  

May your life be as sweet as sugar
Let it be the happiness trigger
May you be a great solace
To many, as your heart is full of grace

Happy belated birthday dear Monika

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