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Saturday, August 13, 2016


Rajni kanth the sixty four year old superstar has created a box office record in India collecting more than six hundred crores for his film Kabali ,

i for one was not impressed at all by the directorial skill of the movie maker though Rajnikanth himself has still not lost all charm .
Its time Rajinikanth learnt lessons from his oft repeated mentor Amitabh Bachan the global phenomenon and great actor of India .

Having grown with the Bachan from his early introvert Anand days transforming into the angry young man of Deewar and reigning the box office as an one man industry for years Bachan transformed himself gently into a fine actor taking roles so varied and different and making a mark in all of them .

Wazir is one such recent film where he shines as a crippled chess Grand master with a private axe to grind and befriends an young special agent in anti terrorist force who too has the same target
how this is achieved is the film and the director deftly weaves a plot with pawns and queens of a chess board ,shots of vodka ,destruction ,mayhem, marital discords ,black mail, terror and finally the Grandmaster preaches even from the after life and all is well .
no Iam not at all cynical it is taken quite well and the easy camaraderie that develops between the old man and the young is shown well specially in the song yaari
Farhan Akthar the immensely talented actor ,singer director musician is a good match tot he doyen in this film
subtelity is its hallmark unlike the crass kabali that which made a splash in the box office
goes to show the tastes of the common

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