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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dare to Stare

I like police chief Rishi raj singh Sir if not for anything for his penchant in giving politicians a hard time !!
wherever hes transferred either into a prison dept or traffic dept or excise dept for his cool remarks or decisions create ripples ,he creates news for not standing up when a political joker walks around !
he keeps getting their goats !
Now he seems to have upset all mallu men by telling them that its a crime to stare at a a women in Kerala for more than fourteen seconds ,
cant blame the average mallu man !
how can one count the seconds when one stares at the lovely lasses of kerala ?
the only way out should be to wear dark sunglasses ,
so one can imagine future kerala with most men walking around like blind men but safely staring !
Now law also needs to differentiate the faraway look which some men have when they are looking at objects beyond the horizon as their thoughts may fly beyond the mundane countenance of females sitting in front of them ,
Their minds could be on lofty perches of philosophy or may be ruminating on the economic downslide of japan or even the udupi way of making a good sambhar but they cannot be booked for staring at Anamma or Manju bhargavi sitting across can they ?
is it not blatantly unfair ?
Kerala women have all the fun from now on
all they have to do against someone is to say he stared at me
yes for fifteen seconds !!
the fourteen makes a difference you see !
one has to stop the stare at fourteen or get into trouble with the law
thirteen is a safe bet and mallu men can get trained for staring nothing more than thirteen
so we have a state full of men staring at women yes you are right only for thirteen unlucky seconds

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