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Monday, August 29, 2016

Introverted tastes

Though I do like local cuisine and do make an attempt to have them when I travel somehow my fascination for Indian cuisine is almost bit narrow minded ,somehow I fail to get satiated with other options .
Sushi and Sashimi are known for thier excuiste liking by connoisueers but I have always been prejudiced about these Japanese raw fish delicacies
So when I attempted the first bite of a sashimi it brought amusement and applause from other seasoned gourmets !
Sashimi is raw f...ish sliced and deep frozen quickly on catch so that it never becomes sour later its quick thawed before serving soft and succulent
Taken with wahabi sauce (a pungent sauce of wahabi root )
Sushi is actually raw seafood with vinegarised rice
and a bit sour

A few days back in a Continental sit down dinner at an upmarket Brunei restaurant
  the titles of the three courses were all pompously French .
It started with Oak Chip Smoked Salmon with Salsa Verde
One small bite of it and I had enough
it was just powdered undercooked fish made to look glamourous ,I was reminded of the anaemic models in fashion show ramps weiring wierd hair dos and dresses with people ranking them as beauties , sorry I always felt they needed good food to become healthy good looking ladies
Then came Chicken potatoe with vegetable chiken jas !
well it was just boiled chicken with no taste other than boiled chicken and overcooked potatoe
bland and tepid
Then came a mess called Vegetable lasagna I didn't think I took it to describe it here

 by then I was demanding a Sprite to calm my hungry gut !!
and then I thought retribution came in the form a just dessert as a colourful one was placed with a panache by the waiter ,it looked colourful and inviting
the apple tart with panda coconut sorbet but the apple tart was bitter and the panda was sour !!
so much for the sit fown dinner with the fancy names
give me my Indian food anytime
sorry just my opinion
I fully understand many will not agree with me and no offense meant...
. tastes differ





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Maddy said...

I agree with the conclusion - Indian food any time, preferably malayali!!

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