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Friday, September 02, 2016

Josh to Jio

The senior Ambani had done the same ,
In his legendary shareholder meets in huge stadiums the great businessman would declare his plans ,fortunes would rise and fall on that day and now it is the turn of the son ,
to become a tycoon after working as  a petrol attendant needs ruthlessness as part of your flesh and blood
 Agreed the Ambanis arent honest men with golden hearts but Godfathers never are !!

They need to have tricks under their rich  sleeves and cunning brutality to survive the jungle ,
Out in the corporate wilderness ethical nicety isnt a password for success  though  the  TATA say  they still can do it
The Ambanis have been known to be ruthless even within  themselves and their family  wars have extended beyond the boardrooms into the drawing rooms of every Indian ,
This time too with the inauguration of the mother of all Gs Mukesh Ambani has created a Tsunami with the other mobile companies running to cover their vitals with fallen fig leaves ,

As long as it benefits the common man ,we are cool
 After all you guys make the green bucks in trillions so spread it a bit  guys ! ,
we are happy when you fight among st yourself ,so nice

price wars are good for the man on the street
so Mukesh carry on we are with you as long as you dont gang up with the others and raise the price .

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