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Monday, July 06, 2015

Man and Nature

Man and Nature
Man and nature have a symbiotic relationship but when space is a criterion they intrude.
Even an innocuous tree which needs to be nurtured for our ozone issue turned out to be a monster by falling on our children recently .
Every two seconds somebody gets bitten by a dog in India and one dies every 30 minutes of dog bite and this is from a statistic 6 years back.
There are more than 25 billion dogs in India and more than 1.3 million in Kerala most of which are...
stray dogs especially in urban areas which are attracted by food wastage in abundance.
In this situation we are nowhere near the goal of achieving the planned rabies frees Kerala by 2015.
Dog catching and killing was the answer before the Animal bite control rule of 2001 where only incurable infected dogs are allowed to be killed rest are to be caught neutered or sterilized and homed in same places .
The local bodies have the responsibility of doing this and of which they have been grossly negligent in fulfilling.
Dog catchers are a priced commodity these days
Possible solutions are
Domesticated dogs need strict licensing and compulsory vaccination
All pet owners should be made to pay a small dog tax which could be used to sterilize and control stray dogs
Public activists who make a hue and cry on dog culling should also have a look at the ways the dog menace in other countries were reduced ,instead of crying murder they should form kennel clubs to care for stray dogs .
Selective felling of branches which are dangerous instead of cutting trees totally should be the ecologically correct way to be adopted by local bodies,
one doubts how this will happen with these bodies who never even clear garbage efficiently
A concerted dialogue between various power brokers in this filed is needed to reduce human suffering because of nature intrusion.
Health Department should stock adequate post exposure vaccines and speciality clinics for animal bites .
Public should be made aware of things to be done after an unfortunate bite
Environmentalists and animal lovers should also have a rational view and need to consider human costs while preserving nature

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