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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Reviews kakka muttai and magalkku

Some days like we are destined to get good food we also get good films !
Yesterday was one of those as I saw one very good Tamil film called Kakka Muttai ( crows egg) and a Malayalam film which had achieved distinction by getting national awards Magalkku .

Kakka Muttai is a film that delves into a grey world existing beyond the visual limits of most of us middle ,upper class , and rich people in the country ,
we do hear and see slums but hardly know the inner workings of one though at times their proximity is very close .
This movies plunges us into one and before we know we are absorbed into the juvenile antics of two brothers around 10 and 5 years of age whose father is jailed for a petty crime and the mother lives a hardy life in their miserable small tenement just  managing to meet the bare needs of her children and the aged mother of her husband .
the children too keep away from the riffraff of the slum and make some paltry income by collecting coal from the railway track and selling it ,they stop going to school as the mother cannot afford that anymore .
thus we are introduced into a very poor family in a very poor slum but a family which is reasonably happy .
The problem starts with the inauguration of a Pizza chain nearby and this material temptation turns the family upside down !
that too this news  is brought to their house from an advertisement in  the freebie TV that they got from the local party !
The feeble attempts of the grandma to make a pizza out of a Dosa is smirked by the children who know the difference though they had never tasted one
The movie is about how the boys who manage to make the money to buy the pizza are still insulted and slapped by the pizza shop manager as they are form the slum this news spreads as a video which unscrupulous local thugs ,politicians and the police all use to make a fast buck out of the pizza shop owner who wins in the end by getting the TV cameras capture a pizza feast for the two children where he feeds them himself
The film is unpretentious but at the same time has an excellent message .

Magalkku is a Malayalam film directed by Jeyaraj warrier with Shobana donning  the role of a mentally unbalanced woman who does not know her own child and a doctor in the  mental hospital Suresh Gopi  desperately tries to bring Shobana  back to sanity by  using the child , does not succeed but the child brings  fresh air to the center till the time the human rights champions come to know about it and removes the child to an orphanage !
As a  person who had been involved with special children and worked in a  destitute center as a volunteer doctor I could well rhyme with the scenes in the film
Ramesh Narayanans music and singing by  Hariharan and Manjari and Adnan sami has given it excellent songs and a couple of awards too ,of course the acting talents of Shobana needs no mention

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