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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Uttama Villain

Uttama Villain


Kamal Hassan is one of the versatile actors that Indian cinema has produced and can be included amongst the greats like Sanjeev kumar,Shivaji Ganesan ,Mohanlal and Naseerudhin shah ,of course Amitabh Bachan .

The sheer variety of the roles  Kamal has done over the years  is mind boggling .

 From the quintessential lover boy which I feel suits him the best ,to the innocent orphan he portrayed in Kalaathur kanamma where  captured the hearts of a million mothers to the sun glassed serial murderer in Sigappu rojakkal

As an agile dwarf clown  in his own Mera naam joker ,

how could one forget the middle aged matron with inviting eyes in Chachi 320 where he showed how a man could do a stag act with perfection ,or the raw emotions of a mafia don who loses his dearest in Nayakan , classical dances which he did with élan and grace unbecoming of a man are legends

 what about the many comedy roles he has done with so much ease ,

once upon a time he was the darling of many girls in Kerala as the most popular red lipped hero of those times .

Even today above 60 he can give a run to other younger heroes in romantic roles even with a paunch that threatens to peep out  these days .

Movies Maro cahritra the Telugu romantic taken by his mentor K Balachander are almost epics (Maro Charitra   later on became the hindi super hit Ek duje ke liye )

In Tollywood they say if one needs to ne knuckled in the head better to get it done by someone wearing a diamond ring and that mostly means to be groomed under Balachander because that is like a passport for success in the  tinsel world .

It’s not a myth but a truth .

look at all those talents he groomed from Nagesh the brilliant comedian and actor par excellence to Kamal and Rajini and countless others .

To Balachander amongst his protégés Kamal and Rajni are like his own children .

It’s this relationship that is the most significant in this film made before the legend left this world

It’s a rare few who can live a role with a mentor just as in life and kamal is lucky that he could .

“ Utamma villain “ is almost his story with him in it  being a superstar having a mundane family life with a fat wife of convenience and a lover in the form a doctor .

Very dramatically in the film kamal gets to know he has Glioblastoma multiform which is a brain tumor stage four and his days are numbered so he goes back to Balachander his mentor director who shouts at him at first telling he has done all he could with him and the present kamal is more of an icon than the one he knew but kamal goes on to say that he needs to do a film again directed by his mentor ,

finally he blurts out the truth and the scene that followed was one of the best I liked in the film ,

K Balachander is not only an excellent director he is such a wonderful actor probably all his love for Kamal was really expressed on the camera as he pours his grief on his protégé ,he agrees to do the movie and the film is about the film making and the story of the film that is made which is a period film where kamalhassan is a lucky guy thought to get the spell of life forever and the funny things that happen with a clowning Nasser as the king and seductive heroine who is after kamal and this gives them pleny of ops to romance on the screen and it all ends with a narasimha avatar to kill Hiranyan

strangely here the hero is Hiranyan and narasimhan the villain gets a sudden itch to go to the loo when its time for him to tear the villain to pieces and the villain becomes the king

This part was excellently choreographed by blending theru koothu ,theyyam and nangyar koothu and since it was kamal doing the dance with others there was no doubts about the professionalism in the dances

The film making was blended with real life scenes of kamals illness slowly getting known to his family ,the scene between him and his teen son after he knows the truth is one of the most outstanding ones ,the sheer emotion is portrayed so well by both .

An in the end Kamal bids farewell with a mischievous wink the hallmark of his in real life too

I liked the movie a lot

Please do see it


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