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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An ode to a Mahatma

Mahatma Gandhi the epitome of saintliness
Who Brought imperialism to its fall
With Ahimsa or non-violence nothing less...
And became India’s father so tall

Rare it is to have One Mahatma in a century
But having two is a luxury
But India is a land where great beings are born
Though ravaged by poverty hardships and torn
Amongst the bright sands of Rameshwaram
A great soul was born 8 decades back
APJ Abdul Kalam was our national varam ( boon )
Lived learned and rose like a lark
Shooting rockets into the air
Spreading messages with no fear
Honest humble sincere inspiring
A symbol for millions in aspiring
He rose to become our President
In the mind of every youth a natural resident
Single and straight he was filled with love
To all Be it a flower a child or a cow
The day had come when he has left us
Lets never forget his messages for our mess
Above all lets not forget him like we did our first
Mahatma who s never left in peace nor in rest

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