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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Model Anesthetist

Anesthesia  as a profession is highly skilled and its practitioners need not only to be adept in their hands they need to be stress free during emergencies for mostly their job is one  continuous series of crisis situations ,
 Like firemen for  society in general for doctors the anesthetist is their firemen as in any code blue situation  the anesthetist is to be around .
Of course he has his spare moments specially during those long safe surgeries as the surgeon snicks and stitches the anesthetist is into his dream world but always alert to his monitors .

Amith my friend is a great anesthetist but this is not the only interesting thing about him he is also a car enthusiast ,
Even in his childhood he would meticulously polish the fiat car of his dad to a fine gleam
those were his Goan childhood days later with medical admission and a long 6 years of becoming a doctor and a post graduation in anesthesia he hardly had time for any hobbies but he did start his collections then
he collected a radiologist as his life partner..... early signs of a collection aficionado

It was while they were working in Kozhikode or Calicut in Kerala during a regular

jaunt to the Travel book shop Amith found small model cars  (Hot wheels )as he browsed around it fascinated him and he bought a couple never knowing it would spiral him into a endless quest for made to size model cars
He then thought of bigger ones and searched the net to find out a wholesale dealer who sold bigger models which were  more authentic ones .
At the same time he also found a small kit for building model planes .
Having read a lot of books on the world war II given to him by his mother a history professor
Amith knew every bit on the  second world war planes ,
he was much pleased with his first plane model as it looked good and with Google and Wikipedia to hi aid he soon became an expert slowly moving on the more difficult models ,

Amith collections of cars and planes he made grew into one and then two cupboards full by now Amith was a serious plane model builder and he specialized in second world war planes he built a couple of warships and tanks for a change ,
Today living and working in Brunei Amith can be seen in his pare time meticulously glueing pieces  of a plane and painting them painstakingly .
 Each and every small part of the model would be so authentic .

him a 

he would have a smile of satisfaction on his face as he completed one more
His family supports him a  lot , even his naughty 6 year old is careful with the models !

And whenever he tires  making planes or collecting cars Amth goes on a swing in his lovely burnished  model sports car making heads turn in Brunei

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