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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bonded to Brand

Are you bonded to the branded ...

To many branded consumer goods like clothes watches shoes handbags jewellery are fashion statements .
Its like a declaration of ones tastes to the world and goes beyond utility.
Theres nothing wrong if one could afford to spend on brands .
To many brands arent a compulsion either because they cant afford it or they may have no passion for it .
I think iam in second category
This does not mean I dont buy brands I do if i like them and consider them as better quality but iam not obsessed with flaunting labels
A calvin klien suit with a hugo boss shirt carrying a st laurent office bag of the finest leather pointed milano shoes glimmering on my feet and a Rolex watch to boot with a fine mont blanc peeping from my waistcoat and an air of confidence exuding from my Ralph lauren silk shirt and the Armani sprayed on its cuff .
No I am fine without any of them for one it would pinch the miser in my soul for another I would just be what Iam wearing all these .
But then I do posess one brand of my own
My smile and all it costs is happiness .

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