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Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Many of those not having lived in tamilnadu would not have heard of Cho Ramaswamy and most of them who did would not be those who havent heard of him .
The first impression of Cho with his trademark alien completely shaved scalp protruding exopthalmic eyes and wearing trademark kaki always would be one of intelligence .
Cho radiated intelligence 
Be it by being a good lawyer ,screenplaywriter,actor,comedian,satirist,journalist,editor,director,producer,thinker,spiritualist,theatre personality Cho as he was fondly called was a bundle of talents and posessed an intellect as sharp as as a Sheffield knife .
The best part of Cho to me was his satire
This man was the king of satire
Yes ..was because he just passed away at 82 years .
The very flat cool way he cracked his jokes with a benign smile made his victims squirm in discomfort and stunned to silence .
Amongst his targets the quintissental tamil politician with dark glasses flowing shoulder scarfs and starched white dhoties with retinue of cretinous followers were his favourite he delighted on pulling the legs of these vacant zeros who squirmed in helpless anger as the brilliant lawyer covered himself from litigation or repartee by his intellect .
His sarcasm was highly cerebral and was to the point delivered with panache with the timing of an actor .
His plays were political punch machines where his victims were turned into helpless clowns 
Cho had a special intrest in tamil politics he just couldnt keep his cool over the archetypical tamil politico with trademark dark glasses and streaming dhotis and flung shawls and delighted in turning them to imbeciles of the finest order not very far from thier natural selfs but they could hardly retort as his deliveries were so sharp and to the target and being a lawyer so cleverly put to make his victims legally and socially helpless objects of fun for the populace .
He was so cool in delivering those epitephts that the only response would be raucous laughter .
His journal Tuglaq has been a text book of sarcasm for decades which are never understood by those who dont read tamil 
I remember picking up back volumes of the magazine from a neighbour after summer holidays and a kerala trip one couldnt miss weekly Tuglaq named after mohammed bin Tuglaq the maverick sultan who Cho used often to spread his fun .he even created a famous play and film on Tuglaq .
Chos plays in later years were definitely more intresting than his films in his younger days , though even in films his way of presenting it was unique 
one could feel his disdain in his dialogues at his sorry state of living with less intellectually empowered humans though in a very funny sense !
Cho was the father of sarcasm 
Most of his fun making was back handed and never direct and there were blockheads who missed the whole point .
So he was hardly the run of the mill tamil comedian slipping on banana leaves but a highly educated very sharp intellctual ,gifted to profess his ideas with satire and sarcasm
The world will miss him 
I will for sure .

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Manojkumar Dr. said...

Awesome description abt this great man whom I'm exploring further on you tube 😂 Thanks for the post Hari .May his soul RIP
Regards Manoj

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