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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


India is one country where anything goes rather anything that is delivered with drama and panache are believed by the millions of gullible but at same time any advice coming from the trained and professional who knows what he is talking about is doubted .
so we find numerous charlatans acting as swamis to deliver nirvana ,evangelists who cure by touch ,and quacks who treat anything in the world but when qualified doctors ask people to take immunization for their kids they listen to mullahs who tell them not to !!
I had been reading an FB status where the merits of celibacy were discussed thread bare ,
majority of them in the post who posed as experts knew nothing but ramblings of what they heard or read from others who knew nothing ,old texts were quoted and imaginary energy was graphically portrayed travelling up from the locked navels into the head and the body then getting suffused with energy so much so that nirvana was instantaneous .
Good imagination
maybe true too ,but these people tell it as if they had seen it all and experienced it as they have no need to prove anything
they can get away with their creativity and the best part is the number of nodding gullible who take it like it was Buddhas sermon .
As if the answer for their quest for superpower status lie in their testicles and the whole secret is all about blocked semen !
i just cant stand these kind of gumption where in the name of science people just ramble on their pet theories and not only get away with it but also influence some poor sod who will bottle up all his releases and one fine day may burst it like a pregnant pustule !! to the discomfiture of his near and dear
People please enjoy your life with limitations
be it food or sex ,
live a healthy life,
its not by denial but by acceptance we get satisfaction
and for Gods sake dont fall hook line and sinker for every fable by every con man

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