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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Like a Lark to fly

Like a lark .....An ode to 2017

And so another year is past
We dont know how many more we last
Things small and big.. good and bad
Angry frustrated joyous contended and sad

Every minute that ticks in our life
Through rigors tests trials and strife
Pass like a mirage into thin air
Some are expected some unfair

Is there someone sitting with a remote
To push pull reach out or promote
Or is it only our hard work and desire
That igintes our lives afire

Day becomes night light gets dark
Life too in a cycle so stark
One minute our joys are unbound
The next we cry in despair unfound

Whos it who makes and decides
Whose toys are we to play and rest
In the short span of a life lived best
We need to question at least in jest

Who are you and why do you do
What you do day after day
Who made us like this so naive
That we do forget and waive

Show us some light in our tunnel
That we may pass through the funnel
Sleeping dreaming waking doing talking
Thinking making taking and faking

Whats the purpose or is there none
Whats the universe the galaxies the suns moons
What are colors sickness happiness and the croons

Why do we sing dance write and act
Emote enact enrole with great tact
Create destruct maim and make
Give life happiness but also take

Why no clue no idea of what we are
With no knowledge of how much more far
Better to calm our mind to silence
Let it be far from anger and violence

Will then the answer come to us
All by itself without any fuss
Or is it only when we are dead and gone
 The victorian secret will be shown

None knows none ask some care many not
Life is but a cast iron wrought
And our soul is bound in it so tight
Casting ourselves free shud make it light

And so at the end of another year
I ask questions get no answers or fear
Look to an unkown future light or dark
Oh to  fly away from all this like a lark .....


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