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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Supporting opposition

The petulant juvenile behavior of Indian politicians when things are not to their liking is disgusting
they behave like a sulking kid whose lollipop gets stolen
or monkeys in a cage after a banana
the monsoon session of the Parliament was washed out and crores from tax payers money wasted by a shallow opposition whose only knowledge is on their Italian honcho and the projected heir of a son whose histrionics demeaned parliamentary debating .
The state assembly worthies are no less in their behavior ,
from the secular spouting Yadavs who dance to the tunes of parochialism ,caste ism and communalism or the Bihari biggies who are dictated by the baddies of the hinterland ,the fiery Bengali CM or the Amma from the south who expects people to be prostrate to her plans and herself all the time .
Delhi of late is ruled by a set of broom armed wimps whose main hobby is to spar with its Lt Governor .
Of course one cant leave the most literate state Kerala which behaves diametrically opposite casting doubts on very Education itself ,
its opposition leaders are sincere to one thing they true to their name oppose everything !

And the puch statement that started this small piece was that of its opposition leader Atchuthananthan declaring that they supported Vizhinjam port project but would still oppose it !!!!
hope you could find some sense in that !
i couldnt
maybe they would discuss it in their study classes of how the left forces oppose while supporting

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