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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Born with a golden chip

Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala and the Banana chips fried in coconut oil is almost its USB
 the other being Mahabali the erstwhile king who ruled Kerala
he is almost a mascot !
To me the banana chips has a special place not only for creating an indefatigable paunch but to all those endless hours of  pleasure when I have munched on them by tons over the years .
It was a fairly well known fact that Hari loved banana chips in the family friends circle from child hood so much so most of the presents people used to give us in Kerala used to be only the  chips to the disappointment of my sister who was not a chip addict !

Calicut or Kozhikode is the holy place of chips ,
the puritans will never agree to any other ,
the Calicut chips was something different and could be recognized by the connoisseur in  any place
 he  would snort when faced with paler imitations .
Of course the Malabar chips outlet near Ernakulum Railway station was grudgingly accepted as near perfect as the owners and fryers hailed for Amchi Calicut ,
at any time of day or night a few cars would be parked in front of the shop as shoppers would order large quantities of the yellow stuff  before they boarded a train or flew away from Cochin airport ,
the cochin airport could do well with a branch of this chips making shop in its duty free area
 in fact much better than the dreary things it holds  now .

The other outlet for good chips in Kerala which actually has millions of banana chips places is the famed SNR chips of Alathur ,Palghat which the purists have acknowledged as good too .

the line of shops selling chips in the National highway at Wadakancherry looks attractive but it is for the hurried travelers by road to Tamilnadu more than for  those who have whetted their tongues and tastes to Calicut chips .

Born with a golden spoon is a common epitome but I was born with a golden banana chip in my mouth as from childhood during holidays my grandmother would see that I get my unlimited supply of our Calicut chips when I was around .

even to this date I ask people coming from Kerala for only one thing

Get me that chip buddy !


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