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Friday, August 14, 2015

India the future

India has some of its best brains occupying senior positions and managing some of the best corp orates in the US .
From the latest sensation Sundar Pichai a humble Chennai lad who has become the top honcho of Google itself ,there are many examples in every sector .
Some of the best names known are Indira Nooyi of Pepsico,Vikram pandit of Citicorp,Shantanu Narayan of Adobe ,Rakesh Khurana Dean of harvard college ,Nitin Dean of harvard business school ,Rajiv Gupta GM of Hewlett packard ,
Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft,Rajeev suri CEO of Nokia ,Sabeer Bhatia who invented Hotmail ,,Balamurali Ambattil youngest doctor in world at 17 yrs  and many doctors ,professors ,economists scientists and mathematicians of repute .

Really impressive 

If one see this as an example of Indian intelligence one would expect India to stand first among st developed nations right ?

wrong it isnt 

thats the  hard fact

is it because of all the brain being drained away ?
not so
 we still do have several men and women who are clever and enterprising in India too a lot 

more are coming our from our youngsters 
so itsnt the lack of  talent or intellect 

is it because of lack of opportunities for those who could have excelled ?

possibly true 
The reservations by caste has killed merit to a large extent and encouraged mediocrity especially in Government jobs where progress and development is caste driven .

Even the coveted civil service which needs intelligence to crack has the reservation pollutant spoiling its ranks .

Today we have Countries like Malaysia ,Taiwan ,Indonesia ,Thailand Vietnam are all thriving with modern infrastructure tourism and enterprises coming up at a remarkable pace ,

China's development is spell binding not to talk of the well known Singapore and Dubai ,

why is it India with its talents handling the best in industry arts science all over the world not able to reach that peak  ?
is it because many of the best are abroad ?

Will India become better if all these stars decide to come back ?

the answer is a vehement NO 

Because these men and women need freedom to work and to cut paths 
they are given that and encouraged in the country they have adopted for thier merit is the prime consideration there .

in our country their decisions will be constrained by the ultimate powers which are in the hands of our politicians who are the lowest in the spectrum .
The pyramid is reversed in India 

but that is not to say we have dumb politicians 

Our parliamentarians are not fools if that is is what all this makes you think 

they are very clever in a perverted sense 
they are clever to continue the mirage of doing good while looking after themselves at the cost of the nation
they are clever in corruption in back room wheeler dealing and conning the people 
they are clever in blocking progress if it benefits them 
they are clever in populist schemes and incinatory  divisive politics to assure their lasting share of power 
they are clever in never allowing the few sincere among st them to do good 

Bureaucrats are the smoothies who benefit from their political masters in sharing power and money 
they are part of the machinery that impedes India 
the democratic process of India is unfortunately ridden by caste an religious conglomerates and is neatly apportioned to power brokers for perpetuity

with the executive and to a certain extent the judiciary under its fold the politician is all powerful and able to change things to his convenience,  harm whistle blowers 
 Aided by a slanted media who profess Gospellian untruths the farce continues .

so one cant blame brain drain for India's state 
once cant blame lack of intelligence in its political class 

one can only point ones fingers at selfishness and cunningness of the political powerful and foolishness and helplessness of the average Indian .

is there a release from this catch  22 situation ?

i hope so but the horizon looks bleak with the likes of leaders bent to subvert parliament to their personal ends 

the horizon looks dreary with the family power mafias who pump money out of the country and are willing to ransom the nation only to come back to power by some means 
the future looks dark by the paucity of statesmen with vision 
the future is fearsome with the number of Indians who talk for terrorists rabid dogs and rapists 
the future does not hold good with communal casteist and dynastic forces usurping power to themselves 
the future does not look promising because good people are not listened to and they are prevented from doing good 
God save India 

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