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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Everest the film

The film Everest in imax 3D though the theatre i saw it was not in 3D.
it depicts the tragedy that happened in 2013 where more than 17 climbers died due to over crowding in the upper heights of the hardy peak and foul weather.
Climbing Everest had turned commercial slowly and private mountaineering experts formed professional companies which would take anyone to the peak for a cost.
With adequate training acclimatisatiin in base camp at a height of 17000 feet for more than a month with modern facilities oxygen mountain gear doctors sherpa porters all managed well and marketed well.
Suddenly disaster struck as a big storm consequent avalanches and amatuer climbers hand guided by mountaineers for a fee saw short comings
There was even a traffic jam in the treacherous hillary step after the heighest camp beforeone summited.this was one of the most dangerous spots in the earth when man wasin a height his body should never be at the height where a Boeing 747 would fly man with all his equipment was in danger and with bad weather it looked like the punishment of an angry mountain .
The extremely tough steep icy heights would falter man and an ominious weather showed how puny man was in front of nature.
The scenes taken in reality in those very places is awesome and an oppurtunity not to be missed by anyone
Blinding snow pulmonary edema blizzards frost bites plunges losing way dark billowing clouds massive peaks disastrous avalanches sharp rocks.
Deep crevaces glaciers bitter struggles death blizzards family pangs summit surprises helicopter rescues frosted fingers frozen bodies all there
Not to be missed epic film
Tks for fotos from online

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