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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Karthigai Deepam

Today is Kathigai Deepam  a celebration where lighted lamps are lit in the house ,
we too lit a few clay lamps in our home here in Brunei 
Lamps and brightness hold a lot of significance in Hinduism it is equated with enlightment and enrichment of ones soul from darkness to light !
The Karthiga festival falls on the day when six stars line up in line with the moon and has been imagined as six damsels who brought up Kathikeya or lord Muruga the one with six faces ,
it also coincides with Mahadeepam at  Thiruvanamalai
where a huge fire lit on the hill shines over  the whole area signifying Lord Shivas column of fire which was so tall that an investigating Vishnu changes into  a boar diving deep into the bowels of earth but never finds  Shivas feet while Brahma flew up as a swan ,a long way up he catches hold of  a falling flower from Shivas head which had travelled 30000 years to reach there  and declared he had seen the head
 for this falsehood he was cursed never to have any temples for himself so we rarely find Brahma temples 
Kartiga festival is more seen in Tamilnadu Kerala and in Andhra Pradesh
it has been mentioned in Agananooru a scripture in 200 BC so its an ancient festival

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